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 Everyone knows that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) makes a woman almost unrecognizable, she becomes irritable, moody, unstable. Men in this period tend to avoid communication, bypassing the woman side. Some believe that the reason for this - the usual women's quirks, others simply do not understand what is happening. Speaking frankly, PMS is common to all women, but in some it appears more pronounced in others - less.

Some PMS occurs throughout life. Many believe that the ICP - is a disease, and thus will be present in women until menopause begins. However, the number of women is small (about 8 percent). In addition, the ICP may appear as during life, and safely disappear.

Some people think that during PMS, women are nervous and short-tempered, because they can not curb their emotions. In fact, aggression, bad mood inclined only a small proportion of women. Others are sometimes just nadumyvayut the changes.

Sometimes women think that PMS is transmitted from generation to generation, and beat him nearly impossible. Nevertheless, the scientific validity of such a fact is not, and if a woman will make some effort to cope with PMS is not so difficult.

Of course, women suffering from diseases of the genitourinary and nervous system is much more difficult to cope with PMS. After all, premenstrual syndrome is associated with hormonal changes in the body. Therefore prone to depression, neurosis, chronic disease of the fairer sex more likely to suffer from PMS.

PMS is usually accompanied by low back pain, mood swings, headaches, sleep disorders, swelling and heaviness in the stomach. If these symptoms occur a week before menstruation, PMS is available. However, if the facts describe your usual state, you need to see a specialist.

To avoid unpleasant syndrome, before the onset of menstruation should adhere to certain rules. Be sure to follow the mode of the day, get enough sleep, avoid overloading. At night, enjoy a soothing tea is useful, for example, peppermint or valerian. In addition, eliminate foods that adversely affects the nervous system and the body as a whole: alcohol, strong coffee, smoked and salted. Generally during this period should pay attention to their health, not to bring trouble to themselves and others.

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