Nettles for health and beauty

Nettles for health and beauty
 Probably, there is no man on earth who would not have experienced in their own "skins" action nettle - to madness and burning at the same time so useful. Surprisingly, Mother Nature seemed "too far", giving the useful properties of nettle in an amount that would be enough for a dozen plants. Thus, the usual stinging nettle - this is an amazing unique herb that can almost be called a panacea for all ills.

In the old days of "nettle" fibers were made up fishing nets and ropes, threads and even cloth, and quite strong. Nettle has been recognized in magical rites, as believed to have exactly this plant is able to cast out evil spirits. And because the homes were woven from nettles mats that serve as a talisman home. It is believed that to nettle absorbed the full force of the earth, it needs to be collected only in the first quarter of the moon, and in the early days and, surprisingly - on Tuesday.

Miraculous nettle finds its application in agriculture - with the addition to the poultry and cattle increases egg production and milk yield. And in the food industry are made from nettles natural color green, which will never cause allergies.

Of course, the main use of nettle is a medicine, as the plant has healing properties: thickens the blood, increases its coagulation, treats suppuration (enough powder to sprinkle grated nettle). Easier to list what nettle does not cure. However, the plant is contraindicated during pregnancy, as well as people suffering from thrombophlebitis.

Useful properties of nettle is also used in cooking, because of her participation is preparing a range of tasty, sometimes exquisite dishes. During the war, nettle saved from starvation lot of people giving their juices and the power in the form of soup, salads and cakes.

As a part of many cosmetic preparations containing an extract of nettle, which has a healing effect for skin and hair. In this direction, the entire issued cosmetic lines - in the form of shampoos, creams, balms.

Nettle - it's so ubiquitous plant that almost everyone has access to it to carry out medical or wellness treatments at home. Of course, you can not use the plants growing in the city, in polluted areas.

Why buy expensive shampoo with nettle extract, when you can make a "nettle" rinse? To this end, 150 g of nettle leaves placed in a liter of boiling water, add a spoonful of honey, infuse for about an hour and strain. After shampooing several times this decoction rinse hair without rinsing with water. The hair becomes shiny, light and silky.

Nature itself takes care of us!

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