How do I know that you have asthma

How do I know that you have asthma
 Bronchial asthma - a chronic disease of the respiratory tract, the symptoms of which are provoked by various factors: allergens, dust, smoke, cold air, exercise, infections, heartburn and other. It usually starts at an early age and occurs in 5% of the population.  
 Asthma symptoms directly depend on the stage of the disease. For predastmaticheskoy forms characteristic manifestations are chronic and allergic rhinitis, as well as a dry cough that does not pass after the application of conventional antitussives. Usually this type of cough occurs after an ARI, pneumonia or bronchitis. Often it is accompanied by shortness of breath, often observed in the morning or in the evening.

In the transition of the disease in clinically expressed form becomes the main feature of an asthmatic attack. The circumstances in which it appears, may be different. In atopic asthma, he develops after exposure to the allergen. Against the background of strong emotions, while diseases of the respiratory organs, or may occur spontaneously attack infectious-allergic asthma.

Sometimes the beginning of the attack could be the sudden appearance of a runny nose and itching of the skin. Next, the patient begins to feel pronounced chest tightness, anxiety and shortness of breath, especially on the exhale. In this case it is recommended to sit down and lean hands. These actions help to include in the act of breathing extra muscle.

With increasing breathlessness appear dry wheezing. They can be heard even at a small distance. Duration of an asthmatic attack ranging from a few minutes to several hours, gradually breathing is facilitated. Thereafter cough formed, wherein a small quantity of a viscous transparent sputum.

In between bouts of asthma symptoms are mild. Basically they presented persistent dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, and sometimes shortness of breath.

The most severe condition in bronchial asthma is considered asthmatic status. He is a long attack, during which the patient is exposed to a real threat. He is most dangerous for children and the elderly.

Causes of status asthmaticus are a variety of factors: the discontinuation of asthma medication, respiratory tract infections, and others. Its absence results in the treatment of coma and sometimes death. This case requires immediate hospitalization and urgent care.

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