Dogwood: composition, properties and treatment of dogwood

Dogwood: composition, properties and treatment of dogwood
 Dogwood - a shrub or small tree with red fruits. Cornus fruits can be eaten raw, used for jams, compotes and so on. Dogwood is a good honey plant.

Berries contain a small amount of vegetable protein, carbohydrates, sugars 17%, dietary fiber and organic acids; a lot of vitamin C, vitamin PP. Vitamin C cornel more than in black currants and lemon. Minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Substances contained in the composition of Cornus fruits possess high biological activity. They normalize blood pressure, inhibit the development of atherosclerosis, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. Due to the presence of tannins dogwood stops loose stools, acts as an astringent.

Medicinal properties
For therapeutic purposes, using fruits, leaves, roots and bark. Preferably collect leaves in late June, early July, the bark during the selection of juice, the fruit at the time of ripening, the roots in early May or September. The collected leaves, roots and bark are dried in the open air under a canopy. Fruit - in a special oven. Store in the usual way for three years.

Dogwood berries are very useful for diabetics and people with a penchant for it. Berries cause a reduction in blood sugar levels, promote digestion. Decoction of the fruit and the bark is used as a tonic and tonic. Children with disorders of the stomach recommend jelly of dogwood with the addition of dried pears. Cornus fruits strengthens the walls of blood vessels, are used for venous disease legs, relieve swelling of feet and inflammation of veins. Dogwood improves metabolism of nutrients in the body, is used in diseases of the joints, gout, and dogwood is used for skin diseases.

Infusion of flowers and leaves are used in folk medicine as a febrifuge for colds, pulmonary tuberculosis, typhoid. Decoction of the root compress on abscesses, boils for faster maturation. In the treatment of malaria apply tincture of the leaves.

Cornelian Cherry jam recommends for colds, flu, acute respiratory diseases. Juice of dogwood used as a good antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

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