How useful viburnum?

How useful viburnum?
 For colds during the cold period of time people are treated differently. Someone is using pharmaceutical drugs, other follow the advice of traditional medicine. However, supporters of any of the methods of treatment of colds are unanimous about the favorable impact of Viburnum healing the human body.

Cranberry juice in combination with honey or sugar just has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. He also has a diuretic effect and contributes to effective cleansing the lungs of phlegm. All these properties Viburnum give a positive result in the treatment not only of acute respiratory infections, but also from SARS.

Moreover, viburnum is not only useful for the treatment of colds, but also to prevent them. If winter day to drink at least a cup of hot tea with the addition of candied cranberry juice, the number of acute respiratory diseases and acute respiratory viral infections during the winter significantly reduced or even no. The secret lies in the high content of vitamin C in the juice Kalinovoye.

It is impossible not to note the special benefits that brings viburnum members of the fairer half of humanity. With all kinds of inflammatory processes in the female part of the juice from the berries of Viburnum is a must. It contributes to their reduction and elimination. A tincture of flowers Viburnum reduces pain during menstruation.

Due to the content of valeric acid, viburnum and used as a sedative for nervous disorders, as well as in the neuroses and epilepsy.

The high content in Kalina of micronutrients such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese and many others, as well as vitamin P, K, E, A is able to receive her juice and juice as a means of multivitamin.

Kalina also has the ability to cleanse the skin of acne and boils. Particularly useful for this juice Kalinovoye leaves.

Kalina helps with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. To treat them juice Kalinovoye colors mixed with honey, insist and take a teaspoon at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition, cranberry contains significant amounts of tannins, which are necessary to strengthen the gums and periodontal disease prevention.

Thus, we can say that Kalina - a true natural "doctor", which cures most diseases. Because of this, viburnum is a welcome product in every home.

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