How to pick up vitamins for nails

How to pick up vitamins for nails
 Seasonal vitamin deficiency, error in nutrition, stress and mechanical work - these are just some of the factors that directly affect the condition of nails. Maintain their health and good looks help multivitamin preparations, is widely available. However, before you choose a complex of vitamins, pay attention to your diet.
 Various restrictions on food that you are putting yourself, can adversely affect the health of the skin, hair and nails. Lack of nutrients can make up to include in the diet of fish, which contains a large amount of phosphorus; lean meat, so rich in B vitamins; beef liver containing growth vitamin A; cottage cheese and other dairy products, is an indispensable source of calcium. Your loyal allies in the fight against beriberi - vegetables, fruits and herbs. Their daily consumption contributes to the strengthening and improvement of the natural nail plate.

However, during periods of seasonal shortage of nutrients necessary to supplement their diet with multivitamin complexes. Modern facilities include harmoniously balanced connections, excluding the incompatibility of various groups of vitamins and minerals. In contrast to natural products (honey, citrus), they practically do not cause allergic reactions. In addition, such preparations contain vitamins minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, et al.), As necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy nail form.

Selection of vitamin complexes is quite wide and varied. For convenience they are produced tablets, dragees, capsules and liquid in the form of special hardeners that are applied directly to the nail plate. You can pick up a drug that is most comfortable to use. However, according to experts, the optimal form of release capsules are. Since the capsule, moving along the gastrointestinal tract, the layers do not lose immediately, and vitamins and minerals are gradually absorbed by the body. This significantly improves the process of assimilation.

The best time to receive vitamin and mineral complex - the morning, when the body is set on the activity and it needs additional support. The bulk of vitamins assimilated only with food, so do not use them on an empty stomach. You should not drink milk tablets and capsules, tea, coffee or soda. These drinks can significantly reduce the effect of the drug.

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