Escape from the permafrost

Escape from the permafrost
 How lucky those who live in warm countries, where year-round temperature does not drop below zero, and you can walk in the light summer clothes. You feel the fall and winter at ease constantly too cold and not know how to keep warm? So you just need a crash course to strengthen and temper the procedures aimed at improving the body's defenses in the cold season.

If you chills just sneaks in a cold room or in the icy wind, it can be quite a natural reaction of the body. But if the arms and legs you are freezing even with a slight decrease in temperature, and it is very difficult to warm up, you should pay attention to the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Reinforced chills faced by people suffering from disorders of blood circulation or heart failure. Therefore, the first thing to check the heart, and only then think about how to properly warm up.

What do you do when you are cold? The main problem people constantly freezing winters are cold hands and feet, but with them to start. To fingers and hands do not feel any discomfort in the cold, always wear gloves or mittens. Gloves suitable for minor colds, but if the window is bitter cold, better to keep your fingers tightly closed - it will save much heat and will not let his hands warm. If you feel that you start to freeze, boldly wear warm mittens.

With cold feet is much more complicated. They are freezing in the streets, at home and at work quite independently of whether or not there is very cold. The fact that the blood circulation in the legs can be difficult or posture of a sedentary prolonged standing in one spot. To warm up, you need to move - try to follow this rule.

If the feet are freezing at night, very good contrast helps pouring or wrap. Before going to bed arrange his feet douche, be sure to finish the procedure ice water. After that you should wear warm woolen socks and go to bed. Due to the massage capillary circulation in the legs is restored and you will be warm and comfortable.

Freezing nose and ears? Wear a hat. Even if you think that this accessory spoils man crushes her hair and turns you from the spectacular beauty in strange creature. Believe me, even spectacular beauty can spoil swollen red nose, ears and crimson coughing. In addition, in the cold to walk without a hat is very harmful for health. If you feel cold, this is the first signal to the body that it is time to be warmed, otherwise the problems begin.

In general, try to dress warmer. It would not seem simple, this advice is it is the greatest benefit to those who are experiencing difficulty with perception of the cold. Do not go on about fashion, dressing up in light translucent blouse and trousers, opening the back and abdomen. Such clothing is good for the warm season, but it is not suitable for winter and autumn. Take care of your health, learn to surround his body warmth and comfort, and it will stop shivering.

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