7 ways to prevent curvature of the spine

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 The medical name for curvature of the spine - scoliosis. The reason may be as a genetic predisposition to the deformation of the body, as well as regular incorrect position of the upper and middle parts of the "carrier" support the human body.

Effective way to prevent scoliosis are regular exercises to strengthen the spine and abdominals. Abdominal muscles are also involved in the maintenance of the human skeleton in the most direct way. You can apply for the selection of the desired set of classes to an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapy specialist district or a private clinic or simply choose the most interesting for you sport - swimming, yoga, water aerobics or choreography.

Treatment of flatfoot

Therapeutic exercises for the feet and a special massage to help reduce the appearance of this disease. When walking on foot lies a load equal to the weight of your body. According to a deformed foot, it is not evenly distributed, so that the spine is subjected to excessive stress and eventually bends.

Surface to sleep

Sleeping on the right mattress. Soft duvets contributes to serious back problems, but hard mattress made according to GOST, help prevent the occurrence of scoliosis.


Constantly monitors its own posture. Most often, curvature of the spine becomes the result of improperly positioned behind a desk or computer. Watch yourself - you have to sit up straight, shoulders should be straightened, not hunched over.


Regularly every six months pass 10-day course of prophylactic special massage. It strengthens the muscles and has a beneficial effect on the spine.

Trace elements

Monitor the level of calcium in the body. Lack of this trace element not only makes the bones extremely fragile, but also contributes to rapid deformation vertebrate bones. However, abuse drugs, calcium also undesirable - it harms the kidneys and joints.


If you feel that the spine is often tired, occasionally wear a supportive corset. You can buy it in almost any drugstore. After a couple of days socks you will feel a noticeable relief - pain and discomfort retreat.

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