What is menopause

What is menopause
 After 45-50 years, the female body is starting to rebuild from youth to old age. This period is called menopause or menopause. For several years there is a number of changes in the endocrine and nervous systems, is declining production of female hormones, etc.
 In connection with the individual characteristics of the female body is difficult to determine the exact age of menopause. Usually, it occurs after 45 years. But there are cases of early (35-40 years) and late (54-60 years) it arrives. Approximation of menopause signal failures and irregular menstrual cycles - the so-called premenopausal, which can last from a few months to 1 year. With the cessation of menstruation menopause.

Climatic symptoms - hot flashes, headaches, frequent changes of mood, differential pressure, insomnia, as well as the natural physiological changes - rather conventional. Menopause does not mean that a woman will fall all the symptoms again. Some of them may be expressed more or less. There are cases when this period proceeded without any disturbances in the internal organs and the nervous system. It is likely that menopause daughter will not differ greatly from the parent, as most climate heritable traits.

To help the body to move from less nerve loss, experts recommend in addition to regular visits to the doctor to comply with a clear rhythm of life, which should include physical activity, including sex. Reduce dryness help lubricants for personal hygiene, use mild soap and cosmetic gels. Follow the diet, reduce the consumption of coffee. Discuss with your doctor the frequency of intake of calcium and vitamin E.

Prevent or delay the menopause impossible with age cessation of estrogen production is inevitable, and it is they who are responsible for the regularity of the menstrual cycle. In the absence of a number of contraindications, which include heart disease and symptoms of menopause can be treated with hormone replacement therapy. It is a course of synthetic copies of estrogen, which helps it easier to transfer the climatic period. HRT may be imposed only after a full and individual examination.

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