What is different therapeutic mud with clay from the Sea of Azov

What is different therapeutic mud with clay from the Sea of Azov
Peloids or mud are applied only when heated to cure many diseases. Mud different areas are not the same. Their properties and quality determine their mineral composition.
Thousands of people when planning your vacation look for places where there are a number of sources of mud. What attracted mud treatments? Many attribute miraculous properties to them, claiming that mud treatments help to get rid of skin problems, infertility and even ulcers and colitis. Is this true, and if different from the usual mud clay?

The composition of the therapeutic mud next. Mud solution - water with dissolved salts, organic matter and gases. Skeleton - is the coarse portion consisting of silicate particles, phosphates and carbonates of calcium, magnesium and other salts, plaster, and large organic residues. Colloid complex - it is finely dispersed part, consisting of organic and inorganic substances and organo-mineral compounds. In addition, as part of therapeutic mud contains a number of antibacterial substances and microorganisms. The main properties of therapeutic mud is their flexibility and highest heat capacity, as well as antibacterial and ability to adsorb microbes.

Due to the fact that in the mud are microbes, their livelihoods forms hydrogen sulfide and ammonia derivatives. A combination of these active substances have the ability to penetrate the skin.

The basis of therapeutic muds are three factors. First - this temperature. As the dirt has a low heat capacity and high thermal conductivity, it is able to retain heat for a long time and gradually transfer it to the body. The second - a mechanical factor. The friction between the dirt and the skin causes a beneficial effect (effect on the receptor apparatus of the skin and mucous membranes). The third - a chemical factor. Biologically active substances of mud has a high penetrating power and trigger cellular responses. Thus, procedures enhance circulation, promote advancement movement of red blood cells, and hence oxygen delivery to the tissues, that stimulates metabolism. Therapeutic mud and are able to exert an antimicrobial effect, due to their content of analogs of antibiotics.

Our Azov coast known mud therapy. Dirt Azov contain sulfides and sulfates (antibiotikopodobnye matter), has on the local disinfectant and antiseptic effect. Back in the mud contains biogenic stimulators, restore gonadal function. Therefore, dirt Azov recommended for women with various problems of the reproductive sphere.

Clay - a sedimentary rock that contains a whole range of substances. Therefore, the clay is also used in mud therapy. But it is worth remembering that for optimal results of treatment should be a combination of all three factors to dirt.

Also mud treatment effect is determined, first of all, the chemical composition of the mud. Therefore, before starting treatment should consult a doctor to avoid harm to health.

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