Useful properties of dates

Useful properties of dates
 Dates or as they are called in the East, the "bread of the desert" is so useful that people are really able to replace the bread. Thus a proven fact that a healthy person is able to live a few years, eating nothing but dates and water. After all, these unique dried fruits contain most of the necessary materials for the normal functioning of the body.

Dates are useful because they:

- Calories. 100 grams of dates contains 277 calories, making it an excellent supplier of energy.

- Rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements. In dates contain carbohydrates, 15 different salts and minerals, the main of which are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, cadmium, iron, sulfur, boron, phosphorus and chlorine. Moreover, in each riboflavin present Kas, folacin, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, K, beta-carotene, 23 kinds of amino acids, dietary fibers, fluorine, selenium, and more pectin.

- Contain fluoride, which protects the teeth from caries.

- Contain a sufficient amount of dietary fiber and selenium which are prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis and is responsible for increasing immunity.

 - Due to its composition, improve sexual potency, relieve depression and chronic fatigue, help with exhaustion.

- Strengthen the liver and kidney, beneficial to the nerve endings and blood updates, help resist infections, when using them in sufficient quantity to maintain acid balance in the body.

- Improve the performance of the brain.

- A great alternative to sweets and candies, due to its low, compared with desserts, and calorie use.

- Are able to facilitate the natural process of birth, but also incredibly useful for pregnant women and the fetus. This is because dates contain the highest percentage among all fruit fructose (60-65%), and women in labor the day before and the day of birth is recommended to use a sufficient amount of natural fructose. It - an energy source, it is necessary for a pregnant woman in labor time and, at the same time contributes to the top of milk production for the newborn. During childbirth can be a significant loss of blood, which causes a decrease in blood sugar levels. Dates - source of sugar, and yet perfectly stabilized pressure.

- Contain in the structure of oxytocin, which is now used in medicine as a drug to speed up the delivery process. Therefore dates - a great tool "fast delivery".

Only three dates in the day, and you'll save youth and beauty for a long time. Dates in the East are considered the source of eternal youth. And in China, they are treated as a symbol of longevity. By the way, the Chinese centenarians dates are always present in the diet. Legends of the Phoenicia are carved on the walls of the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. In India, the dates used instead of candy and make of them a very useful sugar. Arab residents today on long journeys always take with them a bag of dates to stave off hunger and sustain forces.

To transfer the beneficial properties of dates is endless, but you can just include in your diet, these shriveled sweet fruit palm trees and test their charm on himself.

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