True to the symptoms of depression

True to the symptoms of depression
 Lingering for a week or two in a bad mood and a constant state of anxiety can actually be a sign of depression. This disease can turn the once cheerful and positive person in the ever-doubting, and disturbing for nothing.  
 Symptoms of depression are so diverse that they can sometimes be mistaken for tiredness or manifestation of internal problems. However, some of them still show it on a mental disorder.

The first signs of emotional depression manifested. Appears causeless melancholy, depression, depressed mood. During the day, constantly pursue anxious thoughts and waiting for trouble. Any phone call and knock on the door is the most terrible thoughts and assumptions. Because of all this, there is an internal voltage that develops into irritability, dissatisfaction, insecurity, low self-esteem, fear of other people, the feeling of insignificance in the community and in society.

Develop due to depression emotional instability is reflected in the physiological processes of the body. Start to disturb insomnia or difficult awakening and the associated excess sleep. Undergoes changes appetite: Overeating is replaced by a complete lack of desire to eat. This inevitably affects the weight: weight loss or develop extra pounds. Depression alters the activity of the nervous system that regulates a large part of the internal processes in the body. Thus, for example, interferes with the normal work of intestines, and constipation can bother even when properly compiled diet with enough presence in it of roughage. Decreased sexual desire. There are various heart and stomach pain of nervous origin.

Prolonged depression affects the behavioral characteristics of a person. Past passions cease to be interesting. Any initiatives become painful and unwelcome because it causes rapid physical emotional fatigue. Develops complete apathy and passivity to him and everything going on. Want more privacy. In some cases, it ends with a taste for a particular bad habit: alcohol, drugs or excessive smoking.

Assume at depression can be in their thoughts and intellectual potential. True symptom is reduced concentration, inability to quickly focus on the work, or making important decisions, increased conflict and excessive criticism, the predominance of negative and gloomy thoughts, a sense of meaninglessness of their existence and the imperfection of the world, the lack of prospects for the future, thoughts of suicide or life after death. If most of these thoughts occur more than two weeks, it is better to think about the treatment of depression. And to do it on their own, or to resort to the help of a doctor - a private matter. But, in practice, the elimination of depression is not an easy task and often to achieve a positive result requires complex therapy with the use of a number of pharmacological agents.

Depression can occur in various forms. For some it lasts for years without reaching a critical state. In others may develop quickly and sharply. It depends on the cause of the disease, and from the nervous system, and the general state of the organism.

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