Six reasons to go to the gynecologist

Six reasons to go to the gynecologist
 Violations of the female reproductive system in the form of disruptions of the menstrual cycle, thrush, aching pain in the lower abdomen are often perceived the fair sex as the norm. However, in such cases, women should begin to worry and to see a gynecologist.
 Ovulation can often cause convulsive pain in the abdomen. Usually a woman takes painkillers, and the pain goes away. But if pelvic pain do not go away, you need to see a gynecologist. Chronic pain may indicate the presence of your fibroids. With a strong and acute pain possible chance of damage to ovarian cysts. If pelvic pain accompanied by bleeding or bleeding, it may signal an ectopic pregnancy.

If you see at regular heavy bleeding for a month, you need to see a doctor urgently. Bleeding unusual nature should alert a woman. If you notice a pungent odor, itching and irritation, coupled with copious, unusual color or blood in the mucus, call your doctor. Because most diseases, sexually transmitted cause unusual discharge. Especially be wary if you have recently had unprotected sex.

Some women formed sebaceous cyst in the groin area that resembles varicose veins and to the touch feels like a lump. These cysts can be treated easily. But we should note that the sores in the genital area may be signs of herpes. Consult your physician and, if necessary, take the course of treatment.

Many women are concerned about vaginal dryness that causes unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations during sex and can lead to a risk of infection. In women who gave birth this may be due to breastfeeding. After the young mother stops breastfeeding, dry pass. If a woman is suffering from vaginal dryness, you should tell your doctor who will help you choose a vaginal cream, tablet or ring.

If the woman in the genital area started itching, it says that it has begun thrush. The disease is treatable using those drugs that you advise gynecologist.

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