Rating of the most harmful products

Rating of the most harmful products
 List of unhealthy foods everyone should know. After all, from what we eat affects our health and appearance. Harmful food provokes diseases of the digestive organs, leading to excess weight, bile accumulates and causes skin aging. But if you know the top five most harmful products, you can help your body stay young and healthy always.

Leads in the rating of harmful products refined flour. Fresh hot bun, taken out of the bread machine, you will not just an added bonus to the sides and waist, but'll do evil acts in digestion. Because white bread - empty product containing almost no vitamins and minerals. So why did it have?

For flour should be refined sugar. Candy, cakes, cream buns, marmalade - counters with the range in the store to no good result. If you really want sweet, replace the usual cakes on brown cane sugar cube. It is more expensive, but will not cause serious harm, of course, in moderation.

The third place get some vegetable oils. In processing of vegetable oils for extended shelf life is removed antioxidant, vitamin E and other useful items. Do not buy products, saturated fats from tropical oils - palm oil, coconut. Replace them with olive oil, flaxseed or canola oil. By the way, to fill the salad, quite a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Potatoes, white rice. These foods are rich in starch and potato generally is in its origin sugar vegetable. Replace the rice to brown or black, combine different varieties of rice in the dish. This option will enjoy a meal without causing damage to health.

Products containing GMOs. Do not regularly consume foods with amplifier taste, such as MSG, as well as products with a long shelf life. Conservation is able to develop a person abusing this food cancers.

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