Protection from the sun knockout

Protection from the sun knockout
 Sunny summer not only pleases us with its warmth and the ability to relax and sunbathe on the beach, but also the possibility of upsetting the sun and heat stroke and burns. To avoid these problems, you need to follow some precautions.

The basic rule - it is not abuse the summer sun. It is not necessary to carry out on the beach all day from morning to evening. At lunchtime better retire to the room and relax. Being in the sun, it is necessary to always use a sunscreen with UV-filters. Prolonged exposure to the outside in hot weather can cause fever and headache. In this case you need to use analgesic and antipyretic drugs.

Should not be neglected, and the primary means of protection for the prevention of sunstroke. To do this in the summer heat need to wear light-colored clothing, light flying style. It is necessary to protect the head headdress. Even fit hat from the newspaper. In the hot summer underwear should be changed as often as possible.

During the day, very helpful wiping with a damp cloth or a cool shower. Walking is best to perform in parks and gardens, in which a lot of lush vegetation, well protected from direct sunlight. To make better use of warm drinking black or green tea, mineral water and natural juices. Try not to eat in the heat of summer alcoholic drinks - it can enhance the effects of sunlight, and the probability of getting sunstroke rise.

With sunstroke, a strong headache, fever and quickens the heartbeat, nausea, weakness, body covered with cold sweat, possible bleeding from the nose, vomiting and fainting. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you have not saved your health and get sunstroke. In this case, you must immediately call an ambulance, but before her arrival to take some action.

First you need to put the victim in a cool place and release of outerwear. Fresh air is also required if sunstroke, as well as a cool drink. Therefore, we must ensure that human and both.

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