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 The choice between beauty and health is unacceptable when it comes to a woman's breasts. Both - the number one problem! It is quite possible to solve, to be attentive to him and to our recommendations.

Therefore, we must always remember the main thing - the enemies of beautiful neckline are:

Sharp fluctuations in weight. When you recover, does not increase breast and fatty tissue around it. As a consequence - stretched breast skin. When hudeesh, all respectively, the opposite happens.

The strength of the "Earth's gravity" (ie, loss of elasticity of the breast). Can exacerbate the process wrong and improper massage linens. This also applies to those who neglect bra, with large breast size. Even on vacation at the cottage recommend it all the same wear. And at night wear seamless underwear, supports, but does not contract the chest.

Dehydrated. Thin skin loses moisture neckline after each contact with ordinary tap water, not to mention the direct sunlight. Elasticity and turgor of the epidermis decreases and wrinkles appear on the skin.

Beauty Industry

Improve the look and shape of their breasts - the desire of almost every woman. Specialists in one voice say: you should start as early as possible - as soon noticed that the breast increases in size. And to offer a modern health and beauty industry to those who "caught himself" at the wrong time?

Beauty and SPA-industry focus their attention not to the muscles, which in the chest to do, and not on the hardware and on the skin of the bust. Nevertheless, the results are impressive!

Posture. Oddly enough, the dream of a beautiful chest, few people think that it depends on the correct posture. But straight back and straightened her shoulders even visually enlarge small breasts and "raise" the big one. Not to mention the fact that posture has a direct impact on the chest muscles that support the breasts. In order to avoid back pain and always be slim and graceful with any size of breast necessary to maintain the calcium balance in the body by means of special products and dairy products, such as Calcium-D3 Nycomed, which comprises a pure, free of impurities, calcium, in combination with vitamin D.

Thalassotherapy. Energy from the Sea in all kinds - sea baths, mud and seaweed wraps - one of the most useful for breast gifts of nature and cosmetology. Sea salt and other "seafood" rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and therefore mineralize the skin, improve blood circulation, chest tightened.

Elixirs of plants. Extracts from marine algae (alginates) are perfectly combined with other miraculous plants. Place of honor among them African Kigelia extract, which has a triple effect - softens, moisturizes and tightens the delicate skin of the breast. Widely known beneficial effect on the chest area of ​​essential oils, primarily, carrot oil (natural source of vitamin A). As vegetable protein spirulina, they stimulate the production of collagen and elastane, strengthen and tone the skin.

The use of high-quality beauty products, together with a professional modeling massage - an effective and safe method. Its only drawback - relatively short-term effect.

Physical exercise

Yes mammary no muscles. But their condition is still dependent on the muscle - large pectoral. Strengthening their beneficial effect on the upper part of the chest, make supple and tight ligaments that mammary gland attached to the chest. Developed a variety of systems to strengthen this muscle group, but the most popular are the following exercises:

1 exercise CROSS

Stand up straight, bend your elbows and unite the palms in front of him (at the party) so that they form a "house". Presses his hands against each other, the maximum straining muscles of the chest. Relax. Making 30-50 repetitions, put your hands up to chest level, then to the solar plexus and repeat. Complete the series of "regimes" in front of the right, then left breast. Each position is made equal to the number of repetitions.

2 exercise WALL

Stand facing a wall at a distance of about 50 cm from it. Raise your arms to shoulder level your hands and the wall. With the power of Davie on the wall as if you want to move it. Relax. Repeat 10 times. Spending more and do 1-2 sets.

3 dumbbell exercise

Take a dumbbell (1, 5-2 kg) or a bottle of mineral water with both hands. Raise it to the level of the chest, then lower. Start with 5 repetitions and gradually increase to 10.

Keep in mind that starting the "struggle for beauty" need not even with these exercises, and with posture. It's amazing how easily hides hunched back and forth summarized shoulders chest even third dimension! Straighten up - and the result is obvious!

Will be just fine, if in his care of the breast you decide to use the swimming pool at least once a week. Swimming involves a lot of movement prescribed for chest muscles.

For sports need special clothes: Super elastic, durable, "breathe." Ligaments that support the breasts are very tender, and under heavy loads they need help. Ideal for sports - elastic cotton.

Look deeper

Recognize: no aesthetic problems, no matter how much grief they do not deliver, do not compare to the seriousness of the problems of breast health. It is about the health of all of us need to think in the first place!

Disease of the breast - The scourge of modern women. In the past century, the disease is mainly concerned with women over 50. But the problem is much younger. It happens that in turn mammologu 15-20-year-old girl! Of course, potentially dangerous only 10% of the seals in the chest, but when it comes to life, 10% - this will agree, a lot.

What provokes these cysts, "nodules" atypical cells?

Firstly, gynecological disease. Inflammation and infection in 75% of cases involve changes in the breast - in fact it is part of a single system that is responsible for procreation.

And the mammary gland - an integral part of the endocrine system, which is severely affected by negative emotions. Anger, irritability, aggression, envy violate the liver, kidney, adrenal, thyroid and ovaries, resulting in breast tumors may occur. Not surprisingly, the worldwide psychotherapy - an integral part of the fight against mastopathy.

On guard

Keep breasts healthy is not too difficult. Enough to follow the simple rules. But observe strictly!

Yes I Am - Regular breast self-examination for the appearance of seals.

No - Tanning topless. Neither the sun nor in the solarium. Particularly strong in the second half of the prohibition of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. Nipple area should be closed forever!

Yes I Am- Vitamins A, E, and the whole group B. Make sure that they enter the body not only with drugs, but with food.

No - Long-term imprisonment in hard bra! Women, do not remove the laundry 12 hours a day or more are at risk.

Yes I Am - Convenient, carefully selected underwear when nothing too tight, do not rub, do not pull, does not cause chronic microtrauma.

No - Gynecological inflammation.

Yes I Am - Regular sex. If for some reason this is not possible, Teach and make a daily habit ancient "pelvic massage" - rhythmic contraction of the vaginal muscles for 10 minutes a day.

No - Abortion.

Yes I Am - Contraception, chosen gynecologist.

No - Stress.

Yes I Am - Sport, relaxation and healthy lifestyle!


Today, each independently decides how radical methods she agreed to undergo in the name of Bust of their dreams. But there is a set of mandatory procedures that need to perform on a daily basis, if you tend to emphasize their femininity.

Hardening. Cold or douches for décolleté, rubbing ice cubes, contrasting compresses - choose what you like best. All of these procedures stimulate blood circulation and improve skin tone.

Moisturizing the delicate area must be the same as usual, as the application of the cream on your face. Estheticians derived a formula care: first, chest and neck, and only then - all the rest.

Exfoliation stimulates the metabolism and regeneration of the skin. Someone recommends scrubs, someone - intensive massage brush or mitt. In the latter case, do not forget about the sensitivity of the breast skin to avoid micro traumas.

Physical exercise. No time - do not try to perform a full range of daily. But the exercise is "cross", which takes less than five minutes, do a must!

Expert Opinion

The most important questions are answered by a consultant Charitable Program Avon «Together Against Breast Cancer", MD, physician-mammolog Galina Korzhenkova:

What underwear is useful for anything?

Bra should fit the size. Tight bra can disrupt blood flow. Sculpting effect has underwear made of elastic fabric, but it must be strictly in size, no less! Achieve the effect of a beautiful large breasts lingerie help with inserts made of silicone, foam, gel bras with air inserts. Remember the little tricks: strictly horizontal seam on the bra makes breasts more rounded bowls with vertical or slightly inclined seams a little "divorced" bust and cup with stitches in the form of the letter "T" pripodnimut. Discard the push-ups with metal bones, replace them with underwire bra made of plastic or whalebone - they do not violate the microcirculation.

How mammologists relating to the procedures of beauty?

All procedures body beauty-related thermal effects should be reduced in the presence of nodules in the mammary gland. If there is at least some health problems chest, and how much you can decide only the doctor - mammolog or gynecologist. This, in particular, to wraps, baths, sauna, solarium, steam baths, stone therapy. There must also be limited chest massage, including vacuum. Massage of the spine at the same time allowed. The same can be said of creams for breast (stretch marks or to zoom) - no amateur!

Does the health and beauty chest diet?

For breast useful foods high in vitamins A, E and C - carrots, spinach, apricots, citrus. Cabbage - also of vitamins, but the size of the breast, unfortunately, is not affected. The main rule: everything is good in moderation. Optimal nutrition - balanced. Excess fat food is not helpful to anyone - a risk factor. However it is to ignore the fat, as well as proteins and carbohydrates, can not. Be sure to eat fats of vegetable origin - they are nuts, soy, vegetable oil. With regard to dietary supplements, remember that any vitamins and trace elements the body needs only a certain dose. Excess just as harmful as deficiency. And what element in what quantity is required, determined by the physician. Therefore, in no case do not exercise "samoprofilaktikoy."

Tatiana Igoshina

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