Nectarines in cooking

Nectarines in cooking
 So it's summer, and the shelves were welcome nectarines. This fruit looks very similar to peaches, but much sweeter and softer them. Nectarines appeared in Russia recently, but immediately won the love, both children and adults. Cooks appreciate nectarines for their unique taste and prepare them all sorts of dishes.

Nectarines are widely used to decorate cakes, ice cream, jellies and similar desserts. They make them sweeter, juicier, and the appearance is greatly improved.

With the success of nectarines and used in salads. They are a compulsory part of the classic fruit salads, and many cooks add them to the meat and chicken salads to make them juicier and a variety of flavors.

Chef expensive restaurants often offer dishes of meat and poultry, baked with nectarines. The dish can be baked in the oven or in foil, but nectarines always make it sweeter and more original. In addition nectarines in meat dishes add apples, oranges and pineapples, and sometimes make a real fruit mix. A masterpiece of culinary art can be considered a turkey stuffed with nectarines.

Speaking about the baking of nectarines should also be mentioned. This is where the chef can accurately reveal all their talents. Here and pies nektarinovoy stuffing, and open pies with nectarines and scones with jam and lush cakes and biscuits. Unlike peaches, nectarines require less prolonged heat treatment and give more juice, so get baking with them especially tender and delicious.

Nutritionists recommend to combine nectarines with dairy products. They help to digest fruit acids, which makes nectarines not only delicious but also very useful. Nectarine slices can be enriched yogurts, yogurt, ice cream, whey. A cottage cheese and nectarines are preparing excellent casseroles. You can cook and milkshakes with the addition of ice-cream and nectarines.

Prepared from nectarines and delicious drinks. The simplest option - compote. In compotes and add apples, their neutral taste does not interrupt nectarines, but overall the taste becomes more enjoyable. There are tea drinkers with nectarine, it is used in the same way as the lemon.

Prepared from nectarines and independent dishes. For example, a very popular baked in the oven nectarines with almonds, caramel or ricotta. Of course, during the preparation of the nutrients is split, but the taste of these dishes is unforgettable.

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