Natural vegetable oils on guard health

Natural vegetable oils on guard health
 The benefits of the use of vegetable oils has been known since ancient times. They eat, rubbed into the skin, pour in the aroma lamp. Thus, the Egyptian priests with the help of properly selected oil could cure many diseases. And what can you do, armed with cans of vegetable oil?

Refreshingly, that in this case it is very difficult to harm, so feel free to proceed to experiment! Set of vegetable oils can be found on the counter nearest supermarket. It is well known to you, sunflower, olive, corn, soybean and palm oil. However, not all are equally useful.

For example, sunflower oil, we are always trying so hard to replace, contain vitamin F. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels, strengthens our immune system, protects against sunlight.

Corn oil is practically has no advantages over sunflower, soybean oil is ideal for baby food. But palm oil is better and does not use in its composition it resembles lard. And of course the most useful of these is the olive oil.

Some oils can be prepared at home by yourself. From the common cold is very good rosemary oil, one tablespoon minced rosemary hundred grams of sunflower oil, infuse 21 days, stirring daily.

Oil lily (petals poured boiled vegetable oil, insisted two weeks in the dark) is used for burns, in addition, has a pleasant smell.

Fir oil has a disinfectant, and his love to use with aromatherapy to treat colds. Vegetable oils of peppermint and lavender soothe your nerves, as they can be poured into the aroma lamp, and add a couple of drops into the prepared bath.

The use of vegetable oils - a useful hobby. Vegan food is not only delicious, but also useful, and your apartment will always be pleased to smell.

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