Myths associated with the menstrual cycle

Myths associated with the menstrual cycle
 Every woman in my life, sooner or later confronted with menstruation. These days it feels uncomfortable and unpleasant, but nothing can be done - physiology. Until a few decades ago, the month was to others. To this day preserved some of the myths and beliefs, in which many believe to this day.

Myth 1. During the critical days a woman can not go to church, to the cemetery or the funeral.
Before a woman during her menstrual period was considered "dirty". Arriving at the church, it offends God, and put a candle before the icon, and it was impossible to do, as it will burn in the name of the Devil. When the woman came to the funeral, she was all his "evil" aired late, thus he was tormented in hell and get to heaven I could not.

This myth today excites and confuses many girls, but still go to church in the "impure" form or not - it's up to you. It is known that this opinion came from the traditions of Christianity in the execution of the law of the Old Testament of Judah. You can not forbid the girl to visit the temple during menstruation, because it is given to her state of nature.

Myth 2. During the onset of menses she should not tell anyone about them, and informing the mother should certainly get a slap from her.

A few years ago it was thought that the girls blush during the critical days of testimony about her health. Mother hit her, she kept this blush. At the present time, these traditions still exist, but few have changed. Many women find that getting a slap from his mother, they will become more beautiful.
Of course, this view is mistaken. Beauty, and especially health slap not increased.

Myth 3. Use the menstrual blood can bewitch a young man, bring damage to the opponent or to perform other magical rites.

This view is, of course, a number of science fiction. Said earlier that pouring blood under his feet rivals, courting her illness. Some believe in these superstitions and sometimes pay a lot of money charlatan. But before you do, consider this: you need it?

Myth 4. During menstruation a woman is forbidden to look at a newborn, so as not to jinx it.

Jinx child can both the man and woman is not menstruating. These days have no effect on the child. If you think logically: some women are coming critical days immediately after birth, so the mother for a few days to throw their child or not to look at him.

Myth 5: During the critical days of work done by women, is considered useless and even dangerous.

Yes, once thought that the woman who sewed clothes during these days, has invested in her a kind of evil, and the man who wore this thing will get sick and may even die. Can then be necessary to give the girls the weekend during the critical days?

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