How to combine foods for a healthy diet

How to combine foods for a healthy diet
 The right combination of certain products is a powerful protection against many diseases, as well as improves the appearance. Thus, the approach to cooking is worth wisely, without haste. Better still remember already proven combination.
 Green tea + lemon = healthy heart and reduce the risk of developing cancer

It was proved that the lemon juice increases the effectiveness of natural enzymes present in green tea, which reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Many put lemon in green tea to improve the taste, not even knowing that this procedure brings many benefits, increasing the body's absorption of mineral and antioxidants.

Tomatoes broccoli + = reinforced protection against cancer

Tomatoes and broccoli themselves contain anti-cancer substances, but combine to provide even more protection against cancer. Scientists have found that this combination inhibits the growth of prostate tumors, although there is still no explanation for this. "We know that tomatoes inhibit the growth of tumors. It is known that broccoli is doing the same. But it will take years to figure out why this is happening, "- says John Erdmen, professor at the University of Illinois, is engaged in researches of cancer.

Tomatoes + olive oil = youthfulness of the skin and increase immunity

The combination of tomatoes with olive oil is popular because it is very tasty. Also, consumption of tomatoes with olive oil improves the texture of the skin, strengthens and preserves its youth. Moreover, the researchers argue that olive oil helps the body to better absorb the powerful antioxidant lycopene, which is found in abundance in tomatoes.

Wheat grains + sunflower oil = strengthening the immune system

Sunflower seeds comprise α-tocopherol, the active form of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and protects cells against free radicals. In other words, Vitamin E helps protect against heart disease and cancer. To do this, just add a half cup of sunflower oil, wheat porridge to eat the recommended daily dose of α-tocopherol.

Cranberry Apple + = to protect the body from head to toe

Apples and cranberries are rich in antioxidants. But when they are consumed at the same time, you get a lot more antioxidants. Eat at least a handful of dried cranberries with apple to use them most effectively.

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