How to be tested for prolactin

How to be tested for prolactin
 Prolactin is produced by the pituitary gland and to a minor extent in the endometrium. The hormone stimulates the growth and development of the mammary glands, promotes the formation of milk during lactation, regulates water-salt metabolism, supports testosterone at the right level and is responsible for the normal development and the formation of sperm. To determine the level of prolactin, you must take a blood test from a vein.
 The most reliable level of prolactin in women can be determined in the first phase of the cycle. Sometimes the doctor prescribes analysis on hormone levels in the second phase. Men can donate blood every day of the month.

Blood must be collected early in the morning on an empty stomach in a state of complete rest. Brisk walking, nervous tension can help to ensure that the test results will be unreliable, so the Cabinet need to calm down, to sit at least 30 minutes in a relaxed state, not answering calls and not thinking about pressing issues.

Before the day of the study should give up strong coffee, alcoholic beverages, spicy and fatty foods, intimate life, steam baths, saunas, solarium and gym, go to bed early and do not expose your body to the negative effects of stress.

Survey hormone levels prescribed by the doctor if there are indications. Indications for the survey are suspected liver or kidney disease, metabolic disease, infertility, long-term use of antihistamine drugs, estrogen, antidepressants and neuroleptics.

Normal values ​​for prolactin men are 53-360 mU / l for women from 40 to 530 mU / l. Elevated prolactin levels indicates the presence of pregnancy, lactation, or serious violations of health. With additional surveys can be found aminoreya, polycystic ovaries, hypothyroidism, functional disorders of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, as well as kidney failure, cirrhosis of the liver, a lack of vitamin B6, injuries of the chest. All this requires immediate treatment. After treatment prolactin bounces back.

Low levels of the hormone is observed with pituitary apoplexy, perenashivanie during pregnancy, when receiving a number of anticonvulsants and morphine.

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