How do you know your blood sugar

How do you know your blood sugar
People with diabetes need to regularly measure blood sugar levels. This makes it possible to react to his hesitation and avoid complications. Following the recommendations of a physician, adhering to a balanced diet and controlling blood sugar levels can lead a normal life.
More recently measured the blood sugar level was only possible in the laboratory. With the development of the medical industry is constantly developing new techniques.

Thus, it is possible to monitor blood sugar levels at home using a blood glucose meter, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Modern devices differ in their functionality, but the operating principle is the same. With the help of the lancet is punctured finger, squeezed a drop of blood is applied to the test strip inserted into the meter. After a few seconds, it shows the result. The normal rate of 3, 5, 5, 5 mmol / l, for people over 60 - 6 4 mmol / l. The main problem is that a person can not feel myself glucose swings from 4 to 10 mmol / l, so it requires a special apparatus.

In recent years, glucometers, which do not need to test capillary blood, venous, ie blood can be taken from the shoulder, upper arm, thigh. But the results of this measurement will be different because for capillary blood quickly identify changes in the level of glucose.

In 1998 was approved laser blood sampling. Using a precision of a light beam penetrating the skin finger instead of piercing it. This procedure reduces the pain and discomfort. There is also a system MiniMed, a device consisting of a small catheter, which is inserted under the skin. The system collects and determines the blood glucose concentration measure for 72 hours. In 2001 there was the first non-invasive method, apparatus GlucoWatch, measures glucose by an electric current. Recently invented a sensor that determines the concentration of sugar on a tear. However, the main method is a daily fingerprick using the meter.

Blood sugar is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach, the frequency of measurement depends on the individual readings. The accuracy of the glucose may affect anemia, gout, stress, high temperature and humidity, altitude above sea level.

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