Health and vagaries of nature

Health and vagaries of nature
 Healthy people often do not feel the vagaries of nature. Mild headache, weakness and melancholy - that some effects of the atmospheric phenomena of ordinary people. Another thing - the children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases. For them, any change in the weather can bring worsening illness or serious deterioration of health.
 If you do not have a serious illness, hiding in an apartment on the vagaries of nature is not necessary. On the contrary, the more you walk, the less sensitive you become to them. Zatsiklivayas to track changes in atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms and flares on the sun, even a strong man can become seriously ill.

On weather-sensitive people affected by a number of factors: the atmospheric pressure, magnetic field, the movement of air, its humidity and temperature, oxygen concentration and the level of air pollution. Most strongly affected by pressure. On his racing react vessels that can provoke an aggravation of cardiovascular diseases. Windy weather affects the nervous system and can cause migraines and anxiety. High humidity often causes exacerbation of patients with hypertension and reduced bad for people with respiratory diseases. Sharp temperature jumps increase the likelihood of having a heart attack. In addition, some hard time tolerating the cold, someone - the heat.

A significant impact on human and have magnetic storms, which occur as a result of the impact of flows of ionized particles coming from the Sun, Earth's magnetic field. As a result of this "storm" in sensitive individuals distorted response to internal and external electromagnetic signals the adrenal glands begin active production of the stress hormone, reduces pineal melatonin production falls hemoglobin, reducing the amount of red blood cells. Especially strongly suffer from it hypertensives, people with cardiovascular and vegetative-vascular disease.

Meteozavisimosti degree usually associated with the person's age, state of health and working capacity adjustment to the mechanisms of physiological processes to environmental conditions. Caution should be people with respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, kidneys, cardiovascular system and blood pressure. Changes in atmospheric pressure can cause vasospasm, headache, tinnitus, weakness, and stroke. Therefore, when the first signs of change of weather you need to begin to monitor the pulse and blood pressure, limit yourself to a liquid, take the usual dose of medication and not to worry. Constantly keep on hand for emergency preparations for your disease - relieves pain in the heart, normalizes blood pressure, etc.

Physical and emotional stress in adverse days should be reduced. Try to live in a quiet mode, cancel the trip to the sauna, steam room, swimming pool and physiotherapy, which increases the load on the body.

Adjust your diet in favor of light vegetable dishes, fruit and dairy products. Instead of tea and coffee drink herbal tea - chamomile, rose hip, hop, or mint. Very good use of natural and herbal adaptogens - Eleutherococcus, ginseng, rhodiola rosea, lemongrass. To maintain the elasticity of the heart and vascular take vitamin complexes with magnesium, sodium and potassium.

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