Features food in hot weather

Features food in hot weather
 In the summer, when there is a particularly hot weather, people have decreased appetite, deteriorating health and decreases performance. There are many cases of food poisoning, and some people manage to catch a cold by drinking something cold! Very much in the hot weather is dependent on proper nutrition. You can help your body deal with these "non-human" temperature conditions.

In the cold winter time, people get used to the heavy and high-calorie food, which is necessary to keep warm. But in the summer should go to the other food - fresh and light. Vegetables, fruit, juice - all this summer is becoming much more affordable. It is best to drink plenty of fresh natural juices, replace the usual tea and coffee. Sweet drinks in the heat undesirable, since they do not quench thirst. Organism in the summer consumes much more fluid, so perfect drinks will be regular and mineral water, as well as herbal teas.

Important rule to keep in mind - only going home with the heat, do not drink directly their refrigerator! It just seems to be able to quench thirst only ice water. In fact, it can lead to colds and get sick in the heat - it is not pleasant. Paradoxically, the best thirst quencher - hot or warm drink.

Include your summer menu as many fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a great start to the day, in addition, they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, which are so essential to the body. Various berries, sour and sweet, are also very good in hot weather. Fresh vegetable salad, greens, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes - all of which help to diversify the summer menu. It is important to remember to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables after purchase. Neglect of this rule is the cause of many food poisoning.

Carbohydrate foods, such as cakes, muffins, cakes, long time to digest, so you should not lean too hard on it. Otherwise, do not avoid the feeling of heaviness, and possibly ill. Food in hot weather should not include fast food, if you have this tendency. Summer fat and high-calorie food is not the best way to eat. Meat is best not to fry, and boil or steamed, and, in general, go to lean varieties of meat and fish products.

Dairy products are needed, but in the summer they should be given special attention when buying. It often happens that the stores they are not stored properly and in hot weather spoil. Some dairy products can help and eat and quench your thirst at the same time. This yogurt, ayran, tan. Buy them only fresh and keep in the refrigerator.

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