Doctors do not choose?

Doctors do not choose?
 Each of us visited doctors. Someone completely trust their health to doctors, trying to regularly undergo preventive examinations, someone goes to the doctor, only ill, and some even try to avoid hospitals, of the opinion that "our doctors will heal healthy."

Of course, it is necessary to monitor the health. But all the stories about the incorrect diagnosis, incorrect or untimely prescribed treatment, attitude to patients in hospitals - not the fruit of someone's sick imagination, and most of the harsh reality. Whether to prefer paid medicine free? How to avoid common mistakes in choosing a doctor? And what about those who have no choice? All these questions, and we will try to answer.

Among the population of our country is widespread installation - expensive, so good. As for medicine - it is more myth than reality. Since the quality of medicine - it is not the level of service in the clinic (which the bet), and the professionalism and integrity of doctors and nurses. Just on these indicators, we are not going smoothly - it happens that in private clinics to hire people without experience not only, but also non-medical. Paid medicine is delivered in our country commercialize. The main objective of the clinic fee is considered not helping, not for the purpose of carrying out the treatment of the patient's recovery and profit. Therefore, quite often the patient is assigned to a lot of unnecessary (expensive) procedures and analyzes, issued a set of "prohibitive" for the money of drugs, ninety percent of which are completely useless "restorative and regenerative" Supplements. Sometimes it happens that among prescription drugs not those required for the treatment of the disease - the patient can walk and months of treatment, during which time it flows disease into a chronic form.

With free (if you can call it that!) Medicine, we also are not going smoothly - line at the registry office and can undermine even the most strong nervous system. Doctors and staff often do their work anyhow. When trying to break down and cry notes, waving his arms about a penny to pay. Preparations are also sometimes appointed not cheap (although there are less expensive counterparts). That's because for the purpose of pre-specified drugs doctors are paid by manufacturing companies.

But if in the major cities of choosing a doctor is still possible to speak - to use recommendations of friends, choose a private clinic, in smaller communities, where all the luxury of only clinic yes Central District Hospital thirty kilometers, or about any choice question. However, it is often in such a remote and there are good doctors. Often they work long in his post, have gained a lot of experience, and let them not the best equipment, but then we can talk about medical decency.
Summarizing, we can only add - watch your health, lead a healthy lifestyle, and then the doctors will have to meet less often.

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