Coffee - not the enemy

Coffee - not the enemy
 The number of coffee drinkers in Russia is growing every year, along with the amount of coffee establishments. Where did this wonderful drink, and indeed it is injurious to health, as is commonly believed?

Mine Coffee is Ethiopia. An old legend says that many centuries ago, a shepherd noticed the extraordinary agility goat that tasted fruit bushes. After some time, the monks from a nearby monastery learned how to create the fruit of this shrub divine drink. He helped them to maintain alertness during prayers.

Verify the accuracy of this legend is no longer possible. Other theories about the origin of coffee, there are many, but the fact remains that coffee appeared in this country. Ethiopia, he gradually came to Europe, and in Russia it actively implement was Peter I.

Debate about the benefits and dangers of coffee has been going on for a long time, but in the early 21 th century began to conduct research that will certainly interest those who like to sit down for a cup of refreshing beverage.

The studies were conducted more than a year. Scientists separately evaluated the development of heart disease among representatives of different sexes and ages. As a result, found that moderate coffee consumption only marginally increases the pressure. Beverage can seriously harm humans only in combination with factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress, excessive exercise.

US researchers have made some very interesting conclusions. They proved that drinking coffee in small amounts reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It turns out that coffee neutralizes the same poisonous effect of alcohol. But how? No one can give an exact answer.

So, coffee may reduce the headache, it invigorates, and in small doses does not harm the core and high blood pressure. However, the question of the benefits and harms of coffee is still open.

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