Carefully, depression!

Carefully, depression!
 Depression is expressed in a strong emotional depressed person, a sharp decrease in its activity. This unpleasant condition does not appear by itself, for no particular reason. And knowing what causes depression, you can avoid its occurrence.
 Always try to carefully monitor their health, and not only physical but also mental. For example, frequent stress, severe illness, fatigue can cause a permanent depression. If you know the cause of his depression, try to resolve it. Take the day off, try to work less, as little as possible communicate with people annoy you. If you are unwell, feel free to take sick leave and start treatment, do not expect that everything will go by itself.

Depression can result from strong shocks: divorce, dismissal, death of a loved one and so on. To prevent it, in such cases it is very difficult, we can only fight. Try to get rid of feelings of self-blame, because quite a lot depends on you. In some cases, appropriate treatment specialists, especially if you know that yourself with depression have failed. Being depressed is the reason that some people turn in on themselves, morally degraded, and in the worst cases, it even leads to suicide, so be careful and take care of yourself.

Keep in mind that depression can even begin due to seasonal changes. For example, some people feel overwhelmed when it is autumn or winter. Psychologists attribute this to hormonal changes, lack of light and heat, the need to adjust the mode of the day, lack of vitamins and so on. They help in such cases, physical exercise, a balanced diet with a full waiver of strict diets, trips to the theater, cinema, etc.

And finally, we must be able to behave, if depression began someone close to you. In no case do not say that all the experiences - that is nonsense, and simply pull myself together. So you will only aggravate the situation, will demonstrate their unwillingness to listen, understand and help increase the sense of hopelessness. On the contrary, support the man, saying that you understand his feelings, that they themselves have gone through similar and will always be there.

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