Canned peas: composition and benefits

Canned peas: composition and benefits
 Peas - an annual plant of the legume family. It has successfully grown in a number of countries, including the Russian Federation, mainly in the southern regions and the middle zone of European part. In the food usually used seed (pea) of different degree of ripeness. Pod, though it is edible, eat much less. Immature peas are used as a component of salads, vinaigrettes, as well as garnish for meat or fish.

People who adhere to a vegetarian diet, consume peas and as a separate dish, alone or with vegetable oil dressing, bite. Mature pea used in cooking first and second courses, as well as filling. Once pies with peas gladly feasted not only the common people, but also the aristocracy, until the royal family!

This is a very useful product. It contains many trace minerals, vital person (zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc.), vitamins, carbohydrates. Furthermore, the composition of essential amino acids include pea. Regular consumption of peas strengthens the immune system, skeletal system, reduce cholesterol levels. There is evidence that it is useful for certain diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as the prevention of cancer.

Peas can be stored frozen. After thawing, it almost does not lose its flavor. But mostly, it consumed in the form of canned food. The most useful and tasty, tender, salad varieties of peas. With conservation, most of the vitamins and minerals preserved without losing its medicinal qualities. (For example, vitamin B1 - about 66%, compared with fresh peas, vitamin B2 - about 90%). Therefore, we can safely recommend this product for year-round use.

It should be pointed out that not only edible canned peas and liquid product contained in the pot - pouring. It is not only pleasant to the taste, but also contains some useful substances that have fallen into it from peas. Therefore it is better not to pour it, and add to sauces, first courses, etc.

Canned green peas valuable by the fact that it is inexpensive, and available even to people very modest means. However, the villagers with garden land, or citizens, gardeners can successfully grow peas for home canning. Especially, this plant is unpretentious, does not require some special care and attention. Recipes canning peas can be found in any cookbook or on the set of websites dedicated to home canning.

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