4 ways to reduce calorie menu

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 It's no secret that the calorie of food consumed directly affects our weight. Dependence is simple: the fewer calories we get, the easier it is to keep us slim figure. Rather than suffer from sitting on a strict diet, you can simply reduce the calorie of food consumed. To reduce the caloric content of the following methods can be used.

1. Change in the diet products made from high-grade flour for whole grains. Whole grains are lower in calories and consists of complex carbohydrates. And because they are digested slowly, guaranteed long a feeling of satiety and stable blood sugar level. In addition the use of whole grains is solely for the benefit of the body - they contain many valuable vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances.

2. Limit consumption of fatty foods, especially fried in large quantities of vegetable oil. Replace it with boiled, baked and steamed foods. This does not exclude from the menu of raw vegetable oils as they are rich in antioxidants vitamin E and beneficial to the organism omega acids. Absolutely it is useful, for example, will use a spoon of unrefined olive oil as a dressing to the salad.

3. Write down foods eaten during the day. Then calculate the total caloric content of food consumed. Through these activities, easily identify their own weaknesses and reduce calorie menu, excluded from the diet foods high in energy. By the way, the analysis of the menu will also identify the usefulness of used products. If a significant part of the diet is unhealthy food and a variety of semi-finished products, they should be replaced by a more healthy foods.

4. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They are much better suited for a snack than snacks. Boiled potatoes, for example, contains far fewer calories than chips. By the way, instead of fruit juice is also better to eat fresh fruits because they contain half the sugar and rich in dietary fiber. Good to eat them, and for dessert, replacing high-calorie foods such as cakes and pastries.

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