Where to spend the weekend

Where to spend the weekend
 Ended working week ahead of the weekend. But many people these days and find jobs for themselves: cleaning the house, suddenly emerged urgent business, and much more. Why do not we allow ourselves to relax after working everyday? Where and how to spend the weekend with benefit for body and soul?

One of the reasons that we can not sit idle weekend, is the inability to manage time, and in a day for rest, we still have some work to be sure to finish. But it is worth remembering that the body for a week gets tired and needs to rest. Therefore, you should learn how to efficiently manage time and complete all the work in the allotted time job. It's time to get the hang of a successful person - the ability to properly relax.

Think in advance how and where would you like to spend the weekend there. If you do not want to leave the native area, then you can go to have fun with friends - almost every town has an amusement park. Or arrange a special party that will be remembered for a long time to all. For example, you can arrange and install foam generator, and in the midst of fun to include it. Be sure this be memorable.

If desired, arrange a weekend stay. You can go to another city or even state. Never lose their relevance cities of the Golden Ring of Russia: Suzdal, Uglich, Ryazan and others. The journey to the Kaluga region in Ethnomir would be interesting and informative. There are many ethnic houses that convey the culture and life of the peoples of the world, there is a hotel and cafe.

Nature lovers can visit the Oka Terraced Reserve (located near Serpukhov), where you can admire the rare species of plants, animals and birds. In principle, any Russian city boasts its beauty and attractions. Ask around friends, look on the Internet - the choice is huge.

For two days you can go and abroad. For example, Minsk and Kiev. But in order to see all the sights, this is not enough time. Therefore, first select what you want to see in the first place: museums, temples, or just walk around the city. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages will hit the capital of the Baltic states, which has old streets and architecture.

Creative imagination, discover new leisure activities, share ideas with friends, expand your horizons. Actively conducted weekend energize you for further work.

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