Gifts favorite defenders February 23: What and Where

Gifts favorite defenders February 23: What and Where
 Now, fortunately, the times are not military, but because not every man has the experience of military service. This, however, does not mean that we should not congratulate their beloved on February 23, because it is yours, personal protector. It is difficult to decide on a gift? Take a look at your man and you will realize that it may please.

If a man is not a supporter of surprises and original gifts, you can easily purchase for him something of a standard show. Purse, lighter, tie, underwear, a folding knife, perfume, shaving kit - there is a whole lot of options. Choosing a purse, do not be stingy, because it is the success rate of men. Suit spacious purse of soft brown leather, with convenient Velcro and lots of pockets.

If your loved one smokes, and you do not crave to wean him, would be a wonderful gift lighter quality. Now they are available in different colors, with a variety of prints and engravings. Complement your gift set for the care of the lighter, and the man will be satisfied.

Choosing a tie, note the color preferences of your counsel, to what in his wardrobe of shirts and suits. On this accessory is also better not to save, then it will last a long time and is a favorite with your chosen one.

Opportunity to purchase a gift to the man's underwear - the prerogative of his beloved woman, which is why such a purchase is very popular on the eve of February 23. In advance to find out what style prefers your half: spacious boxer briefs or tight-melting. Choose a model of good quality fabric, pick the right size. But the colors - your choice, as still no one but you and he did not know about it.

Even if your not a fan of quarterback long trips, folding knife should be every man. Well, if it will contain a variety of different devices: a hacksaw, corkscrew, can opener, scissors, nail file. The best folding knives are traditionally considered Swiss Victorinox, at least, they have the best price-performance ratio. You probably have seen these little knives with red glazed body and the "plus sign" on it.

Perfume is usually men choose their women, and, admittedly, they do it well. So if you decide to present blagovernomu Defender of Fatherland Day a good flavor, guided by their own preferences. It is better to buy a 50 ml eau de toilette expensive than a half-liter jar Soviet cologne, perfume because good enough only a few drops to breathe all day.

If your man loves surprises, or does it have some hobbies, your gift can be more refined and original. Firstly, you can purchase a subscription to a gym, swimming pool, shooting range, tennis court - first-class athlete. Those who appreciate comfort and relaxation will be delighted complex procedures in a spa. Thrill will be delighted by presenting a gift parachuting, flying in an airplane or helicopter. Finally, if your favorite quarterback just wants to spend the day with you, book a table at a good restaurant or hotel for lovers in a small cozy hotel. Love and affection will please him more than knives, ties and watches.

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