That carries a Sahaja Yoga

That carries a Sahaja Yoga
 Sahaja Yoga practiced since long ago. But now it is very popular, more and more people want to learn this method, know yourself, learn to completely relax, find harmony with each other.

Sahaja Yoga - is more than a sport, it is a method of meditation, which is aimed at finding internal balance of emotional and physical condition of the person. The main purpose of Sahaja Yoga is the attainment of his spirit.

The practice of yoga has carried out a major breakthrough in the whole human consciousness, allowed to rise to a higher stage in evolution. Teaching was created in 1970, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, but initially the knowledge that underpin the teaching of Sahaja Yoga go far in the past.

The word "yoga" means "union with himself" and Sahaja - "spontaneously". But earlier this instant gain union with themselves far little was available, because knowledge was passed directly to the student from the great guru. Now, in modern times, this knowledge has become available to everyone. More and more fitness centers offer any modern man to try to engage Sahaja Yoga.

Particularly important and valuable Sahaja Yoga meditation, and only then sport exercises. Through meditation mind gets into a whole new dimension, where you can experience the truth of his life throughout the central nervous system, every cell of the body. As a result, in dealing with the long-awaited spiritual ascent occurs.

When a person meditates, he realizes that he is neither body nor mind, nor intelligence, and his "ego" - it is something eternal, but this time his heart is connected with the Supreme Spirit. What is a Ghost? This, above all, the source of true knowledge, joy and peace. From the junction with it comes the enlightenment of the soul, this process is compared with the second birth.

This exercise in yoga is a practical knowledge of all who practice it, were able to gain the knowledge and techniques that helped to develop the personality. All the students were able to experience for yourself how easy it is to get rid of all fears, illnesses, addictions and problems.

But if the person ceases to meditate, then of course he loses communication with the cosmic energy. Therefore it is better to deal with constantly, and then the results will not take long to wait.

It is particularly important that Sahaja Yoga is considered a symbiosis of all world religions. In knowledge confesses that he can not be God of Christianity or Islam, there is only one God ... Therefore, the doctrine is suitable for a person with any religious faith.

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