Pilates: Mermaid (Little Mermaid)

Pilates: Mermaid (Little Mermaid)
 One of the most popular exercises in the Pilates called Mermaid or "The Little Mermaid." It helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the arms, shoulders, hips, and is considering the oblique abdominal muscles, makes strong wrists and develops a sense of balance.

Get on your knees, keep your back straight. Move the hips to the right and drop down on the right thigh. The legs should be slightly bent at the knees. The left foot is on the floor right in front. Put your right hand on the floor. It should be just below the shoulder joint. Fingers extend from the housing. Left hand is free on the left shin.

Transfer the weight on his right hand and raise your hips. Straighten the whole body in one line. It should be straight from head to toe. Place the left foot on the right. The emphasis is performed on the right hand and the outside of the right foot. Fix the body is at rest. The left hand is stretched out along the trunk.

Turn your head up and tighten the chin to the left shoulder. Make a slow exhale while lowering the hips down. Left hand glide over the body to the ankle. You should feel tension in the muscles on the right side. Do not carry the weight of a fully on the wrist. Emphasis on foot only slightly decreased, as you would sag to the floor in the hips. Keep shoulders straight, do not fall into them.

Taking a deep breath, pull your left hand up to the ear and head. Reach for her whole body to feel the tension in the left side of the body. The whole body from the fingertips of his left hand to left heel should represent a single straight line. Turn your head forward. The housing must not be twisted when stretching.

Do exercise four times since the second pose. Again, lower your hips to the floor. Place your left hand on the ankle. Raise your right hand up. Tilt the body to the left, drag in the position of "Mermaid" at the feet. Stretch the right side of the body.

Change the way. Performing exercises on both sides of the body, sit up straight, straighten your back. Legs pull ahead, hands rest on the floor on each side of the hips. The following exercise - "Boomerang".

In order not to lose your balance, all movements must be performed at a slow pace, gradually. It is very important to feel how each muscle, and control it.

If your training is not enough and you can not keep the body raised on the hand, do the exercise in parts. First, get your hands lifting his hands to his ear and head turning up. Keep your hips off the floor. Once you master this movement, try to keep the body in a straight rectified hand, performing a full inhale and exhale. Then combine both elements and try to do the exercise in full.

This exercise can not be made to those who feel the pain and discomfort in the wrist or shoulder joints.

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