Classes steamy yoga

Classes steamy yoga
 Steam mastered yoga practitioners after learning the basic asanas alone. During classes paired partners must feel good to one another. This is due to the fact that one takes more relaxed during asanas than the other. In doubles yoga leading role ever transmitted it to one partner, then another.

At the beginning of practice recommends that you configure a partner, it held a special energy practice. Partners sit backs to each other, close their eyes and watching his own breath. During this exercise partners should contact the neck, shoulders and buttocks.

A few minutes later involved should translate attention to the breath of their own partner. From that moment the partners begin to breathe in unison, as if becoming a single being. Without opening his eyes, dealing with the unfolding facing each other, touching hands and pose as their energy mix by hand. Then fold partners own palms together and bring to them the eyes, cover with lids and watch as the heat spreads to the face and body. Then open your eyes and begin to perform asanas. Here are some examples:

1. Stand with your back to each other, bend forward at the same time, each to his own. Make capture each other's hands. One partner starts to pull over another. Passive engaged gradually approaching ever closer to their own breasts thighs. Then the partners switch roles.

2. Sit on the floor facing each other, legs, spread as widely as possible, connect the foot, that is, the right foot of one partner will be in contact with the left foot of another and vice versa. Make capture hands. Active partner leans back, pulling another takes chest to the floor. Partners alternately pull each other.

3. The passive partner lies on his stomach, the active sits on his shin and foot is placed under the buttocks. Is the capture of hands, and is actively engaged in pulling over another. Passive partner raises your upper body up, bend at the waist, open the chest. The rise continues as long as the passive partner will not be uncomfortable in a pose. Then actively engaged in gradually lowers partner on the floor.

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