Bodyflex - way to lose weight easy and fun

 Almost all women seeking to improve their appearance, it is no secret that a lot depends on him. To do this, we are ready to sit on diets, pace yourself to exercise, eat a variety of slimming, sometimes a risk to health, as well as to attend the expensive salons. But all this gives a short-term effect, either get bored or is emptied quickly the family budget.  

Make a flat stomach

There is an easy way to avoid all this trouble. And the name of this process -Bodyflex!

Bodyflex - this is truly a universal technique that allows to keep the body and the body as a whole is in excellent condition. Now, how it works and what is the basis. The thing is that most of us breathe properly, we have shallow, chest breathing, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the body, slowing metabolism, increased fatigue and muscle tension of the abdomen and back.

The secret of this technique is that it is based on aerobic respiration in conjunction with isotonic and isometric exercises and postures. Aerobic respiration enriches the body with excess oxygen and isotonic and isometric poses strain and stretch the muscles. In this case, the following happens: a large enough amount of oxygen the blood goes to the place of tension and actively breaks down fats, removes the slag and tones muscle tissue, because fats are an excellent fuel, and oxygen is an excellent burner.

That's what says about Alec Borsenko, writer and expert on the colon: "Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and especially cancer cells are destroyed in the presence of oxygen." "Body flex" - this is the best available on the market methods of enrichment of oxygen. You get an aerobic effect is five times faster than from running. If you run for an hour will burn 700 calories. If you are doing the usual hour of aerobics burn 250 calories. If you make an hour exercise "Body flex", you get rid of 3500 calories. "In addition, aerobic respiration powerfully activates the lymphatic flow and helps to massage the internal organs. All together leads to increased metabolism and well-being. At the same time does not increase the appetite, as during prolonged exercise.

Before 1981, all experts believe that exercise. - Working muscles. - Is that. makes the lymphatic system to get rid of harmful substances From. But in 1981 a group of thirteen doctors from around the world came to Italy for the experiment titled "Study dryness". Led a group of luminary physiology, Dr. Arthur Guyton, author of several textbooks for medical school. He wanted to determine at what stage of exercise activates the lymphatic system.Center of the lymphatic system is in the chest area. When you activate the lymph up the tube-like structure that connects all nodes (lymph nodes Most is in the upper part of the body, and armpit - King among other parts of the body.) Doctors sensor is connected to the body of an athlete and the first took a shot of the lymphatic system. They told the subject to walk on a treadmill. He walked, walked, walked, but the lymphatic system remained in complete immobility. Then the doctors decided that the exercise is too easy, and gave him the task more difficult. Athlete did everything except his head on the wall did not fight. But nothing happened. After about forty-five minutes after the fast running and jumping, as well as other exercises performed athlete, doctors do not get any results, were confused. Subject tired, and they allowed him to sit down and rest, later to start all over again. So he sat down and took several deep breaths and exhaled using aperture and you know what happened? Lymph vessels rushed by like a jet fountain. The doctors were amazed. They discovered quite by accident that the lymphatic system works not exercise and deep breathing. Muscular work during exercise causes this breath, and it, in turn, stimulates the lymphatic system. 

The results:

Isotonic and isometric strain and posture stretched muscles, and a sufficiently large amount of oxygen with the blood, due to aerobic respiration, the voltage supplied to the place actively breaks down fats.
Bodyflex technique speeds up the metabolism.
Bodyflex technique enhances lymph flow.
Bodyflex technique provides a general tonic and healing effect.

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