Sports in summer: a difficult choice

 Summer time is already in full swing, and you spend time in a stuffy office and lamented that the holiday, as always, will be given in the winter? Do not worry: even in a city you have plenty of opportunities to have a great summer, and one of them - sports summer. During warmer months, you get twice as many opportunities to bring the body back in shape. And you can not do it within the walls of a fitness club, and in a nearby park or at the stadium! During warmer months, all helps to ensure that you have given load your muscles. Read women's magazine JustLady, to know how to make your summer active!

So, the simplest, where you can begin - is running. You can run and in the mornings and in the evenings, it all depends on your biological clock. Summer Make this the most comfortable conditions: dawns early and late darkens. Jogging does not require any additional equipment. We recommend you to interval training: alternate slow and fast paced racing, to take away each no more than ten minutes, and then me. Plus, this year the sport lies in its apparent cheapness. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, bring your girlfriend for a jog. Together you can discuss all the news, and burn a few hundred calories, andSports Summer begins to be fun.

Sport in the summerFamiliar to us from childhood - badminton. If you go to the beach, bring your rackets, and make sure: Play more fun than lying on a deck chair. At the same time, and you will light up and introduce muscle tone. And if you want to take badminton seriously, it offers outdoor courts with professional coaches. Usually badminton recommended for those who want to lose weight, but can not bring himself to regularly go to a fitness club. Badminton - very gamble and grab you do not give emotions to feel fatigue.

Forgot your racket, but took with them the ball? Collect team for volleyball! By the way, the beauty of this game is that it can play a big company, and together. Rules are simple enough, and even if you first came to the net, you will soon come into the swing of things. In volleyball a lot of jumps, that will help strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. But the main burden falls on the hands, which, by the way, for many are the problem area.Sport in the summer - A great alternative to aerobics and weight training, especially if you are doing them regularly.

Do you live near the lake? Under your windows flowing river? Or are you going to the sea, and there are very afraid to get better? Swimming - this is undoubtedly the most pleasantSports Summer. Swimming involves all muscles of the body, improves circulation, helps fight pain in the joints and back. To diversify training, develop new and novel styles. Breaststroke swimming for beginners, crawl already gives a heavy load, and butterfly not everyone can learn on their own. It is possible, as in running, alternating the pace: that increase the speed, then swim at a relaxed pace.

Sports in summer: a difficult choice

Swimming is not always conducive to weight loss, but it is sure to tighten all your muscles. Ideal would be to swim three or four times a week for an hour. But get out of the hot summer cool water do not want to - let this be an additional incentive for you. On vacation, choose active pastime: swim, play outdoor games, and then everyone will be happy at home is not only your tan, but your slim figure. But what about those for whomSports Summer is possible only in an urban environment? Offer to pay attention to cycling - the natural analogue Cycle, which are so familiar to us thanks to the fitness club.

If you have the iron horse - great, if not, you can rent it. The route is limited only by your imagination. You can ride on the park paths, but you can gather your friends and go on a bike tour. Today, in many cities biking, which last it a few hours to a few days. During cycling, you will learn more about his native city and its surroundings, as well as give excellent load leg muscles, buttocks and press. According to statistics, regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke in half. Importantly, do not forget to wear a helmet or protection if you have to difficult route toSports Summer do not become a source of injury.

And summer, this is the time to ... stand on skis. Yes, if you have the capacity and willingness by all means go to a ski resort - in fact while we bask in the sun, somewhere snowing. Master the summer ski or snowboard is not only original, but also useful: the winter you'll be fully prepared. You are hardened, increase your endurance, learn to keep your balance. And maybe bring with great tan sun on the mountain tops shining so bright that some even manage to burn. Here's a he - winterSports Summer.

ChoosingSports SummerYou choose a lot of vivid impressions and unusual adventures, and the ability to always stay in good physical shape. Before you extend such a diverse range of summer sports that can be confusing. Experiment, try new and do not stop there - if you can find the sport that suits you and your figure. You will not notice how lose weight and become stronger.

Tatiana Karpova / Women's Magazine JustLady

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