Jogging: jogging on guard health

Jogging: jogging on guard health
 People are quite distant from the sport, jogging know from American movies in which there must exist a couple of characters who commit an indispensable morning jog in the park or around the neighborhood. Jogging, or jogging, relieves stress and bad thoughts, develops endurance and keeps muscles toned.  

In many jogging advantages that it is simply impossible to list all. Running reduces blood sugar gradually reduces weight, has a positive effect on the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Slow regular jogging even affect the skin, not to mention the development of the respiratory system.

Remember the legendary phrase that ends with the Soviet morning gymnastics - "And now go to the water treatment"? So, in conjunction with them running eliminates the negative emotions, destroys excess adrenaline and stimulates the production of endorphins, which, as you may remember, are responsible for a good mood and a feeling of joy.

You can run at any age, most importantly, to choose the right load and appropriately equipped. Set realistic goals - it is unlikely you will be able to run a few miles on the first workout, especially if you have spent any one year sedentary life. Start with 10-15 minutes at first, that is enough.

Run at a very slow pace and get ready to experience heart palpitations and even shortness of breath. Do not stop if very difficult, go jogging with walking. Be sure to do warm-up before training. Jogging loads of eggs and the back of the thigh - mash these muscles lunges forward, bending and squatting. Recall that make athletes athletes before the start: they are jumping, waving their hands and do lunges.

Many people wonder when it's better to train - in the morning, like most, or in the evening after work. There is no consensus on this account does not exist. Not all are capable of feats in the morning on an empty stomach as jogging. On the other hand, part-load can cheer too organism individual runners. Therefore refer only common sense when choosing a workout time. Do what tells your body - feel the morning lifting forces - go for a jog.

Importantly, wear the right shoes. Of course, in practice or too soft slippers sneakers smoking - you can damage or even ankle sprain leg. Choose shoes with a modern reliable fixation of the foot.

For a more or less significant results need to train 3-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes. This is enough, more than an hour of training can cause chronic fatigue and complete distaste for jogging. During the warmer months, it is desirable to have on hand drinking water to prevent dehydration.

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