How to start running

How to start running
 One of the most effective means of maintaining the body in good shape is jogging. Daily exercise in the fresh air strengthen the heart, purify the lungs, stimulate fat burning, muscle pull.
 Jogging contraindicated for people with diseases of the endocrine system, kidneys, spine, respiratory tract. Before you go to a nearby park for the first run, consult your doctor.

If there are no contraindications, and the desire to run turned into a goal, decide in due course. At one workout you will go from 20 to 40 minutes. Running in the morning really effective if you're out for a jog after 1, 5 hours after breakfast. If you prefer to run in the evening, start training 2 hours after a meal and do not eat anything before going to bed.

Purchase a special running shoes, two pairs of socks. It is desirable that your clothes were made of natural fibers. Bring a bottle of carbonated water. Best run in the park - natural descents and ascents added load, and fresh air gives strength. Due to the undulating terrain you can safely reduce the training time to 20 minutes. If you choose to run at the stadium, it must be at least 40 minutes.

Runners with experience recommend overcome 4-5 km per day. For a beginner, this distance may seem exorbitant. Start first training with 2-3 minute walk, gradually increasing the pace and moving into a run. On the first day you must run at least 1-1, 5 km. If this task is too difficult, alternate running with walking every 30 seconds.

Get to know the distance as far as possible. Do not strive for the third day to run those same 5 km. Perhaps to overcome them, you will need 1-2 months. Turn up the time and distance gradually. As far as it is necessary to increase the training, the universal answer is no. It all depends on your body's internal resources.

While running, follow the breath. Breathe in through your nose, do not talk on the phone. If you feel shortness of breath, go to step without losing pace. Keep the beat, it should not exceed 150 beats per minute. After jogging restore breath to inhale, raise your arms up, exhale - lower down together with the body.

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