How to do Parkour

How to do Parkour
 Parkour - the direction of extreme sports, whose ultimate goal is the absolute freedom of movement. She achieved the harmonious development expense: body tracer equally well developed for any kind of exercise, whether climbing, tumbling or running.  
 First of all - work on the physical form. At first you have to do serious physical effort. More squat, push-ups and pull up, and pays special attention to the initial preparation of gymnastics: tumbling, wheels and handstand. In this case, try to avoid heavy lifting - accustom the body to work with its own weight, as this you'll have to deal with.

Find a training hall. This sport is very travmoopasen (especially at first), and therefore should start practicing in a safe environment, surrounded by experienced people. Find a room, as a rule, it is easy - just look for the right community on the Internet and social networks.

Start with the "Vault". This is - overcoming obstacles by hand, the direction of the simplest both technically and coordination and thus allows you to monitor their own progress. Learn the basic elements such as the revers, monkey, king-kong and dash. Try to come up with complications - for example, after the monkey to fly another 2 meters in length or by making a dash, immediately go into a roll. In addition, work on flow: try for all elements to maintain speed and smooth - this will make your actions beautiful and professional.

Work on jumps. Most often in practice you will meet with the problem statement such as "jump from point A to point B". The question can be solved in many different ways: you can jump from a running start from the position at step; with one leg with two legs or in general - in flight turn of 360 degrees. Your task in this case - to make a soft landing and neat.

Acrobatics parkour - one of the most enjoyable, challenging and traumatic activities. Should start with simple things such as side and back flips. After that, move on to the more complex elements, such as a forward somersault, a screw or a gainer. The main thing - that you learned to do everything in a specially equipped room, and that was next to an experienced person who can explain to you the technique.

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