Star-champions in the number of marriages

Star-champions in the number of marriages
 Loud declarations of love and lush wedding, which is famous celebrities are not a guarantee of a happy life together in the future. Assuming that each new marriage successful and the last, the stars, as well as regular folk, make mistakes, choosing unsuitable mates. However, experienced frustration does not stop those who do not lose hope to find love
 78-year-old Larry King has been married eight times, and twice to the same woman. Last wife of King primetime, Sean Sausvik, younger than his 26 years. The second time presenter married her in 1997, right in the hospital room, three days before he underwent surgery to remove blood stasis. In 2010, the couple filed for divorce, citing as its reasons standard wording "insurmountable contradictions." But apparently, not quite so insurmountable and they were quickly withdrawn again spouses petition for divorce. According to the press, the King changed his wife, who later tried to commit suicide. Most likely, the broadcaster has revised its decision, it is estimated that the divorce without a marriage contract could cost him a fortune.

 The first husband of Joan Collins, actor Maxwell Reed, with whom she was married from 1952 to 1956, was a drug addict. He has repeatedly tried to bring to his addiction young wife, and once and for all like cash "borrow" it for a few nights, the oil magnate. After the divorce, he having been engaged in blackmail, long Collins did not leave alone. In 1963, the actress tied the knot with English composer Anthony Newley. This time with a husband "decent" man, Joan miscalculated the other: the husband did not want to put up with its stellar reputation, wanting to see beside her a housewife and mother of his children.

Music manager Ross Cass, who became the third husband of Collins, also reacted negatively to the fact that his wife's career is much more successful than his own. After experiencing major setbacks in the work, he subsequently became interested in drugs. Fourth husband of the actress, Swedish singer Peter Holm, who was younger than her 14 years, a year after the wedding fell in love with one of his daughters, Joan. However, for the fifth time in 2002, Collins was married to a man who was younger than her entire 32 years. Theatrical manager Percy Gibson, according to 79-year-old actress was her soul mate, and the greatest love of her life.

Liza Minnelli, panic afraid of loneliness, officially married 4 times. Singer Peter Allen, who became her first husband in 1967, was a protégé of her famous mother, actress Judy Garland. It is not known what causes Lisa guided by linking your life with a man who was interested in a handsome man. However, the marriage lasted 5 years Minnelli. The same time Lisa was married to director Jack Haley.

Third husband Star "Cabaret" in 1979 became a sculptor Marc Guiraud, and the fourth - television producer David Gest, who married her in 2002. The couple broke up after living together just over a year. Most likely, the reason for their breakup was addicted to drugs Minnelli, demanded from her long stint in rehab. At present, the 66-year-old singer lives alone.

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