Cher: Men always come back

Cher: Men always come back
 Alice Cher - known radio broadcaster, a talented actress and a strong woman. It all has their own opinion and custom look. Men are not left behind. Ex-wife of Dmitry Nagiyev believes that men always come back.

It happens at the most inopportune moment. It was at that when in the privacy of a woman getting better. Oa restored after the break, work begins to bring her joy, next appear fans and perhaps a loved one.

With him she forgets all about the hardships that survived after separation. About the past, women have no regrets and dreams of all return. She is happy. And then, out of the blue, there is ex-boyfriend. He puts a woman in front of goal. What to do? How to do the right thing?

This was the situation faced and the author of the famous phrase of the return of the men. Alice Cher chose a new love and invited the former spouse to remain friends. How much was true to her step? At 100%.

The man goes away when a woman stops him to be interesting, but returned when he realizes that there is nothing better to just not. However, the need for a woman to such a satellite? Where to get confidence in the future?

Why plunge into the same experience? Why torment yourself again when he leaves? And it's definitely going to happen. He also wants to win the heart of another girl, and after some time he decides to come back again.

The same mistake twice, no one will come. And in your life. It is not necessary to return something that is long gone. Memories, and not driven by a person's true feelings at this moment. To stop. Think. Weigh everything.

Even if we assume that you will meet with him, everything will not return to their seats. As time goes by, life changes, and with it the man himself. The woman knew him one, the next day after leaving the man began to others. And six months later he decided to return, but he is not the same. He developed new habits, his outlook changed.

Changed and the inner world of the woman. Her new relationship, an interesting life. She became stronger after the separation. She was different. Old will not return. No need to feel sorry for him, to live the memories and experiences. It is not necessary to dream of a carefree future with former companion. This will never happen. It is important to learn to live in the present, to appreciate what you have now.

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