Adriano Celentano: Italian macho

Adriano Celentano: Italian macho
 Adriano Celentano known throughout the world as a singer, actor, director, television presenter. His work is full of works affecting the acute political and social problems. He is not afraid to express their opinions. Hitting all women with his charm and charisma, Adriano Celentano can rightly be called the Italian macho.  
 Just look a few films with Adriano Celentano, to make sure that he has no problem with the weaker sex. Charming smile, expressive eyes and excellent sense of humor just can not help but fall in love with. More than 40 paintings, which starred the actor, more and more convinced that Celentano created to break the hearts of young beauties.

In reality, however, is not the case. Created image is not well suited watchmaker Adriano. Namely this profession as a child has mastered the "Italian macho." He is still engaged in repairing watches and gets a lot of pleasure from it.

It is noteworthy that from an early age Celentano exerted much less effort than his brothers, to make way to the scene. It all started with a children's joke, when one of the twelve contests Adriano conquered all spectators with a parody of the famous while singer Louis Prima.

One invitation was replaced by another, and a simple watchmaker from a family of poor peasants Apulian first became famous Italian singer and then an outstanding actor.

In the film "A strange type" in 1963. Adriano met with Italian singer and actress Claudia Mori. A year later they were married and lived together until now. Italian macho proved an exemplary family man and one-woman man. They had three children. In 2006, Adriano Celentano became a grandfather. While Samuel is the only grandson of the famous couple.

Celentano now lives near Milan with his wife and uchuvstvuyut actively in public life. For example, not so long ago he wrote a letter to the editor of one of the most famous Italian newspapers «Fatto Quotidiano», in which he accused Berlusconi of lying, saying that such a person can not control Italy. Throughout his artistic career, Celentano tried to reveal the flaws of modernity and give people hope that they will be eliminated.

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