The legendary Barbie doll

The legendary Barbie doll
 The article is devoted amazing phenomenon of the 20th century - Barbie doll, which left no one indifferent neither kids nor adults. Someone admires her, someone thought it was a symbol of the consumer society. Anyway, this doll is one of the most popular characters of the past century, along with Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

Homeland Barbie dolls - America. She was born in 1959, 14 years after the end of the Second World War. Came up with a Barbie doll Ruth Handler, who named the doll and the name of his daughter Barbara. Firm "Mattel Toys" developed a completely new doll from paper. It was in 1959 that doll with her clothes appeared in the New York Toy Fair New York Toy Fair. Was originally presented two models of dolls: brunette and blonde. Doll was initially own biography: first Barbie dressed in the latest Paris fashion, but soon its creators realized that the image of "the neighbor girls' doll will bring more popularity.

Changing times, changing and Barbie. Hundreds of people employed by manufacturer of Barbie, constantly watching the latest fashions and even borrowed ideas from elegant celebrities from different eras: Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn. Since 1959 for Barbie and her friends made more than 900 million of clothes, she has accumulated one billion pairs of shoes. Masters of the company endowed doll features authentic American ideal: in the 70s - tanned and confident Californian, in the '80s rock star. Generally Barbie dolls owned 24 professions: doctors, teachers, athletes, ballerinas, flight attendants, diplomat, etc. The company has released dolls 25 nationalities, in 1968 there was the first African-American doll, and in 1997 - Barbie in a wheelchair. Amongst the puppet company produces many accessories: houses, cars, furniture, pet animals for children.

Improve and the doll's body. In 1964, she began to bend his knees, in 1967 - to rotate the waist and arms. In 2000, Barbie has appeared navel.

The appeal of the doll, its popularity gave food for thought for several generations of culture experts, writers and mothers of young girls. Ideal sought by lovers of Barbie - a "life in pink." Someone sees in life doll image of a consumer society and inaccessible eternal youth, who, on the contrary, believes that the ideal of helping to educate girls, because Barbie was married to Ken (doll-man came up later - in 1961), which, however, left after 43 years of marriage, she had a large family of 8 people, 72 other. Promotion of healthy lifestyles, the cult of the family mixed with pink fairy tale became thus a cocktail that brought us "Mattel Toys" millions of dollars, and many girls all over the world - a dream.

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