Stellar disease: Shakira

Stellar disease: Shakira
 Incendiary Shakira gets fans not only deep timbre of his voice, but bright and dancing. The success. it seems she laid at the genetic level, for public speaking, she began in early childhood.
 Shakira was born in 1977 in Colombia. Girl surprised parents as a child, to learn the alphabet in 1.5 years and should learn to read. Penchant for singing opened at about the same age, and 8 she discovered belly dancing. Shakira's biography as a singer began with 10 years old when she started performing in public and participate in various competitions, winning in them.

In 14 Shakira becomes better known, at the festival "Viña del Mar", she represented Colombia, performing a song of his own composition. At the same time, she began work on his first album, unfortunately did not become popular.

Glory overtook Shakira in 1996, when the band released its third album. Songs Shakira broke many millions of copies. For thousands of CDs sold followed by a world tour and numerous concerts.

Singer Shakira has attracted attention not only songs. Spectacular appearance is haunted by paparazzi who want to take pictures of her without makeup or to find out the details of his personal life. Despite the fact that the girl is considered a sex symbol, its nothing to reproach. Unlike many other stars, it does not last for loop scandals. More than 11 years, she met with the son of former Argentine President Antonio la Rua, there was talk about the engagement and forthcoming marriage, but the couple broke up. After that Shakira had a few more novels, but so far to create a family failed.

In his spare time, Shakira is not sitting still, and is actively involved in public life. She is involved in charity work, and since 1997 he has headed his own foundation to help schools for children from low-income families. In addition, she is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF organization, so that for all his celebrity star is multifaceted and is not alien to human problems.

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