Soul music: Eugen Doga

Soul music: Eugen Doga
 Even if you do not remember, as circled in the charming waltz heroine of the film "A Hunting Accident", then you will still hear the music Eugen Doga. It sounds from TV, radio, and even from mobile phones. Beautiful, delicate melodies give rise to a response in the depths of our hearts.

The most famous Moldavian, who lives in Russia, Eugen Doga was born March 1, 1937 in the Moldovan village Wet, on the left bank of the Dniester. The boy grew up in a very picturesque place, in harmony with nature - right through the village ran a small creek, near, in the woods Kodra, rustled branched oaks, centuries-old maple and ash. The very name Doga - is Latin for one species of oaks.

In early childhood, Eugene came to the concert orchestra of folk music and symphonic band Taraf from Chisinau. The latter was very large and does not fit on the stage completely. Therefore, contrabass sat right on the street, and a neighborhood kids touch them outlandish great "violin". Impressions from those concerts have left an indelible mark on the soul of the future composer.

After school, Mastiff in 1959 he entered the School of Music in Chisinau, cello class, then - at the Conservatory, where he studied 10 years, from 1955 to 1965. Already at this time Eugene, working in parallel with studies in the orchestra Moldavian radio, composed music, but did not show anyone treasured notes recorded in secret notebook. And once his classmate who later became famous Maria Biesu come to rehearsal with a folk song for the concert. But the conductor asked her to sing another. In stock was not a suitable option, then Doga showed his work, and is included in the program. Since about Eugene began to work closely on the composition, orchestration did Khachaturian and Shostakovich, and other famous composers.

But the young cellist to become a musician was not meant: he injured his left hand, as a result of its developed paralysis. Then the Doge had again come to the first year, but not to separate the cello, and class composition and conducting.

His first string quartet composer wrote in 1963. Then, after 10 years, has created a second, third, many following. But would like to find your own style. And Eugene on the cast of the symphony, but music in general. Doga has issued its own textbook for students of music theory.

Gradually, the composer searches were unsuccessful. He found that the only correct intonation, which allowed music to touch the hearts of the plurality of viewers, thus to be serious and different genre. At his concerts in the largest halls of the country - Palace of Congresses, the concert hall "Russia", the Hall of Columns was always sold out, his works performed by the most famous musicians, tunes sounded in films became hits ("Queen of the Gypsies", "My Sweet and Tender Beast "," Anna Pavlova, "" Maria, Mirabella ").

Eugen Doga wrote a lot of songs on poems by contemporary composers, adorned with his works more than a dozen films and performances, created a ringtone to the opening and closing "Olympics-80" in Moscow, wrote a large number of string quartets, cantatas, overtures, requiem, ballet «Luciafarul» . For this ballet him in 1982 awarded a state prize. And in 1991, the Dane was awarded the Grand Prix of the international festival of music films in Brno. And all the titles and awards masters do not count - People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of Moldova, Commander of the Order "Star of Romania" and other, other ...

Today Mastiff lives in Moscow, collaborating with musicians from different countries, engaged in creativity and education of gifted children, creating an ensemble of "Krylatsky gnats."

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