Person: Sergei Zverev

Person: Sergei Zverev
 Is it possible to find a more talented stylist in Russia than Serey animal? Given how he really significant person in the world of Russian fashion, he allowed the outrageous, he shocked the audience. But sometimes it seems as if the animal does not know the steps.  

Considering the present Sergei Zverev, I can not believe that once he was just a child born in the small village of Kultuk near Irkutsk. His father was the most common railway mechanic, who probably dreamed that my son was much more successful than him. But if he knew then what success will achieve its offspring? When Sergei was only 4 years old, was tragically killed his father, then his family moved to Kazakhstan and settled in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

At this tragedy in the family Zverev not ended: the age of 29 die from asthma, his brother. Biography Sergei Zverev full of unpleasant moments, although he stressed it does not advertise. Due to some events in the past and he still does not get along with his family members.

Growing Sergei differed little from other older boys. Now, no one would think, but make-up artist, stylist and fashion designer served in the Armed Forces who served in Poland. As deputy commander of the platoon and company secretary of the Young Communist League, he was promoted to staff sergeant, but this information or resting under a pile of his recent scandals and other achievements in the field of show business.

Hand in their education, Sergei Zverev made a bid for such specialties as cosmetics, designer clothes and hairdressing. This young man had obvious ability, and he buried his talent in the ground because of the prejudices of the public did not.

First star client of Sergei was Tatiana Vedeneev, and after movie stars and pop one after another went to a young professional for the correction of his style and guided gloss. The real breakthrough in this business for him was the arrival of Alla Pugacheva. He is to this day is her personal stylist, as well as personal stylist Ksenia Sobchak.

In addition, recently Zverev began to sing and participate in a reality show, they also created. Sergei Zverev songs are not very original, but the popularity of a kind used. Viewers can only wait to try some more area itself is a superior man.

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