Person: Konstantin Meladze

Person: Konstantin Meladze
 Almost everyone knows Valery Meladze. Previously said that the songs he wrote his brother Constantine, who did not seek publicity, does not appear, did not give interviews. But gradually realized that the success of Valery - is not only to his credit, and that the people successful project of two talented brothers. Dizzying popularity of the "Viagra" confirmed the status of Constantine, who is co-producer and songwriter of the band. Who is he, this mysterious older brother?

He was born May 11, 1963 in Batumi, a family of intellectuals. In two years he suffered an accident that Constantine himself considers identify many in his life. As a result of the shock he was speechless for a whole year, and then began to stutter. He became more self-absorbed, focused and deep. But that did not stop him (with his younger brother) vandalize school years. But more important was the fact that, as a child seeing the film "Polonaise Oginski," he demanded to write it in a music school.

The family previously no one had to do with music, but his parents took the brothers to where Constantine was admitted to the class of violin (but with a verdict of teachers that no hearing, no voice he does not), and Valery - in the piano class.

In secondary school Constantine was not very diligent, paying attention only interesting subjects for him, but engaged in sports with a passion.

After studying in Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute, Konstantin receive a diploma engineer, but the work is uninteresting and boring, and the salary is good. Then the brothers (they were always together) decided to do what they really wanted to do - music.

First, they both played in the team "Dialogue", which went with concerts around the country. But the group quickly disbanded, and the brothers arrived in Moscow.

On their own money they took bales "Do not disturb my soul, violin." Music was written by Constantine, sophisticated arrangement also performed it, and noticed the song. But no more than that. This success came only after written and sung by Constantine Valery song "Sir" was performed at the Christmas meetings Alla Pugacheva. After that, Valery became a star, and Constantine - his producer and undisputed by the author.

Although professionals have long earned the respect of Constantine, to the general public the mysterious brother star has long remained a mystery.

Even when they led the project "Viagra" became popular, he then reluctantly out of the shadows, preferring to deal with arrangements in his own studio in Kiev. Only recently, viewers saw it on "American Idol."

Konstantin Meladze - a prominent figure in the Russian show business. Producer, composer, lyricist for songs, he is also a great family man.

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