Legends of the Century: Margaret Mitchell

Legends of the Century: Margaret Mitchell
 Grand movie "Gone with the Wind," which was based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, is still considered one of the highest-grossing movie in history. Only "Titanic" in 1997, and then "Avatar" in 2010, managed to overtake "Gone With the Wind" at the box office.
 Margaret Mitchell was born November 8, 1900 in Atlanta. This is where the main events of the novel take place, vividly recreated this legendary woman. Margaret's father worked as a lawyer, and his mother was a true lady she actively participated in the life of the city, was a member charities. That mother was Margaret prototype image for a true lady. Mother of the author of the novel "Gone with the Wind" and gave an idea of ​​his daughter about what qualities must be present in women at the time.

Margaret Mitchell was not an exemplary child. Girl experienced unpleasant incidents in childhood, as was provocative and rebellious nature. One day she watched from the window of the house, as her brother rides in the yard on the Mustang. Margaret liked this show so that she did not notice that retreated to the fireplace - the hem of her dress caught fire. After that the girl was treated for a long time, because of this, she had to wear pants: While it was not lawful, but thanks to Margaret realized what it is - the freedom that gives men's clothing.

The girl did not like to go to school. Exact science it is not attracted, and she did not like literature, as Mitchell held a different literary tastes than was usual at that time. Only after persuasion mother about what education is needed, Margaret continued to attend school. Instead of classic girl enjoy reading different love stories. Apparently, such a peculiar taste for literature and was the cause of writing the first stories in the age of nine.

Despite the fact that the profession of journalism at the time was male, Margaret took care of this particular activity. She even called the "golden pen".

Margaret tried throughout to be like everyone else. She wanted to show people that you need to live as you want, and not as imposing society. First marriage ended in divorce girl. After Mitchell remarried, she left journalism and to be creative.

Margaret wrote the novel "Gone with the Wind" at a time when she was bedridden. Create it it became from the end rather than the beginning. In 1936 the book was published and immediately made a splash.

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