Lance Armstrong: Return to Life

Lance Armstrong: Return to Life
 His story inspired hundreds of thousands of cancer patients around the world. Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the "Tour de France", has long been known only in sporting circles. World famous 40-year-old Lance brought published in 2004 autobiographical book "My return to life." It Armstrong recounted the story of his battle with cancer on one of the last stages and his triumphant return to the sport.
 The life story of Lance Armstrong to a point reminiscent of the classic embodiment of the "American Dream." The boy from a poor district of the town of Plano, Texas, grew up without a father first, and then with his stepfather, he was beaten regularly. Hijacked the neighboring machine to ride, and generally delivered to his mother a lot of trouble until directed energy saving in mainstream sports. In 12 years, Lance became interested in triathlons, and 18 became the champion of the United States on a short distance. That, however, did not stop him from going to velogonochnym training. Here young athlete has also shown impressive results: Armstrong himself subsequently explained that doctors found in his body ability to produce a small amount of lactic acid. In other words, Lance tired less often than others, which, of course, was his only hand in protracted cycle races.

For twenty-five years he had everything he could wish for. The title of one of the best-rounders mnogodnevschikov in professional cycling team, Motorola, multimillion-dollar contract with Nike, a solid bank account, a house on the lake, beautiful wife and beloved "Porsche". On this machine itself and Lance went to the hospital, worried epistaxis and prolonged fatigue, it is not characteristic. Verdict doctor sounded like a death sentence: testicular cancer at advanced stage, with metastases to the lungs. Endurance Armstrong has played a trick on him: he prevailed against the pain until recently, and malignancy in the meantime undermined his body.

Instead of training and competition in the next few years Lance waited endless chemotherapy, high-dose radiation and surgery to remove the testicle. This is more than enough to fall into a prolonged depression. However, the nature of Armstrong, which allowed him to become one of the best in the business, made itself felt here. In his book, Lance wrote: "Cancer chose the wrong victim. When he was looking for, where would he live, he made a big mistake by me. A big mistake. "

He did not just get rid of the cancer (doctors call this phenomenon the case, and today all over the world conduct experimental treatment "by Lance Armstrong"). He also returned to the sport, starting with workouts on an exercise bike and a brief hospital cycling at home. This was followed by an invitation to a professional cycling team. For the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team Lance became a significant part: In this team he won seven consecutive world's most prestigious race - "Tour de France".

Today Lance Armstrong Foundation is headed by the support of cancer patients, arranges for them velozabegi, trains himself ... His book is a history of the disease and defeat it has become a reference for thousands of people with cancer. Lance proved by example: the fight against cancer can be won. At that - triumphantly.

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