Justin Bieber: A young, but early

Justin Bieber: A young, but early
 Music lovers, indifferent to Justin Bieber almost none. Someone calls him his idol, someone - Cute baby, broke into the top of music charts thanks to "candy" appearance. And he 17-year-old Justin in all the interviews can not stress that their success is the only mom natural vocal data and happy occasion.
 The first fans young handsome Bieber became a Canadian audience show Stratford Idol, was held in his hometown of Justin - Stratford. Twelve-year talent without any vocal training was playfully tucked in his belt participants professionals. As a result, the competition-nugget kid got second place - and the recommendation to take up singing seriously. So he did. In their free time began training ligament, and the results of their experiments song recorded on camera and uploaded to Youtube. As often happens with singers recently, folk-pop Justin was born on the Internet. Even before signing his first contract he was already famous performer, collecting fan clubs, reading left to personal mail wishes for the success of strangers from around the world.

Internet popularity attracted the attention of Justin Bieber two iconic people in show business. First, singer Justin Timberlake, hearing13-year-oldTeen rehash his hit Cry me?% a river, kid appointed business meeting. Second, a music agent Scooter Braun, Bieber's mother called a son alone, and bluntly stated that her son could become a world celebrity. This required two things: enter into a contract with a recording studio US Records, which is owned by the singer Usher - and to move from Canada to the United States.

Both of these conditions Justin and his mother, talking, fulfilled. The result was not long in coming. The very first song recorded in a professional studio and correctly filed in the air, was a hit. At age 14, Bieber received the undivided attention of the press and underlined the interest of such beauties as Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Rihanna. Fans went crazy from one of its kind, and detractors accused Justin of all sins - and at the same time and of gay inclinations. However, rumors of homosexual dissolved themselves, worth in 201016-year-old Bieber announce his girlfriend, actress and singer Selena Gomez. Their tandem that fans love called "Jelena" (Justin + Selena), is considered one of the most commercially successful in the world of modern pop music.

To his17th anniversary Bieber went with three hit albums, several nominations for "Grammy" and the title of "most frequently requested singer in Internet search engines." In addition, his name has already managed to get into the vortex of the scandal, one of the fans of Justin said that his child. The guy had to take a paternity test - and it's 17 years old! However, to the back of his popularity Justin refers to philosophical calm adult. And said that he intends to keep her virginity before marriage: just as his girlfriend Selena.

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